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7 Things You Can Do to Support Your Pregnant Partner

It’s that joyous time when you and your partner are pregnant—congratulations! Now that the preparations have begun for you and your new family, you’re likely searching for books and advice on the best ways to support your pregnant partner. Well, here’s the good news: by simply looking up the ways you can support, you’re already being supportive.

A supportive partner matters in pregnancy. Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can feel isolating in a partnership if the other person isn’t tuned in. Since two people cannot collectively carry a baby, one partner is left to feel the responsibility on their shoulders, along with all of the discomfort and pain. That’s why having a supportive partner can make or break, emotionally, a pregnancy. Additionally, the mother-to-be’s hormones are running rampant; that’s where vegan prenatal vitamins can help.

Women with supportive partners are known to:

  • Have better physical health
  • Have better emotional health
  • Lower risk of anxiety and depression
  • Experienced less stress
  • Have healthier pregnancies

To help accomplish these benefits, here are seven things you can do to support your pregnant partner.

Get Her Vitamins

Vitamins and vegan prenatal vitamins, come with great benefits that can help your pregnant partner. They support brain function, strengthen bones, increase immunity, and prepare for overall pregnancy health. Plus, they will also benefit your baby-to-be. Omega-3s, and taking this DHA will help your baby’s brain, nervous system, and eyes develop with lower risks. EPA Omega-3s have fatty acids for your baby-to-be’s heart and arteries, as well as building up cell strength so that her body can build up a good defense system to protect the baby’s health. And, above all else, the Omega-3s will support your bones and joints so that as your baby continues to grow your partner is able to take on the additional weight without compromising her health.

Go to Appointments Together

As your partner is making doctor’s appointments to check on the baby’s health, going with her to all of these appointments is a great way to help her feel less alone. In the early stages, she will be able to do these on her own, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. However, the later in the pregnancy it gets the harder it might be for her to walk or drive as easily, and you taking her to the doctors will make a tremendous impact.

Give In to Her Cravings

As your partner is pregnant, her hormones are running wild and she may start to crave foods that she didn’t otherwise before. When she has these cravings, be patient and try to get her what she needs. It’s her body’s way of delivering certain nutrients to the fetus (that maybe the vegan prenatal vitamins aren’t) and, as with most hormones, the cravings can be uncontrollable.

Let Her Prepare In Her Own Way

As women become pregnant certain instincts kick in—like nesting. She may begin tidying up more often and emotionally prepare with ideas for the future. Just like the rest of the animal kingdom, your partner will begin to set up her surroundings in preparation for the baby. So, what might seem trivial in the beginning to you is actually her evolutionary disposition to begin the next stage of her offspring. Remember, we all have instincts.

Have a Book on Hand

Sometimes simply having a book on your bedside table about pregnancy will make her feel less alone. Even if you prefer audiobooks or online articles (like this one), the physical act of keeping supportive material in a place where she can see it will remind her that you’re in this together. It can subconsciously go a long way.

Care Out Time for Romance

Pregnancy doesn’t make for a sexy experience all the time, and your partner feels this more than you do. She likely has her ups and downs, no matter how much of a “glow” others compliment her on. To be supportive, make her feel beautiful by creating romantic moments together. It can be out or in, but what matters is that you’re making her feel desired and appreciated during a time she needs it most.

Regularly Exercise Together

Proper exercise has been known to decrease stress, and when your partner is pregnant that remains true. However, she may be feeling a little sluggish or out of sorts to make time for herself (there’s only so much a vegan prenatal vitamin can do for her mood). One way to be supportive is to exercise regularly together. Go on a jog, take a yoga class together, enjoy long walks or anything that’s low-impact. This will not only get her moving but increase her endorphins and help circulate the blood flow.


The important thing to understand is that not every pregnancy is the same. Like each individual body differs, each pregnancy differs as well. So, as you take the advice of friends and family, get the right vegan prenatal vitamins, and read through the countless books and articles available, note that sometimes the best thing you can do to support your pregnant partner is to simply ask them, “what do you need?” or “how can I support you best?”

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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