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5 Things to Consider If You Want to Throw a Birthday Party on a Bus

Are you ready to have an out-of-the-box birthday party? Why go for a regular birthday party when you can surprise your guests? Have you thought about throwing a birthday party while driving around town?

When it comes to birthday party celebrations, everything starting from the venue, theme, and atmosphere could be original. All you have to do is find some inspiration, look for unconventional birthday party ideas and implement what fits most. Such a unique way of celebration is renting a birthday bus for a party.

It’s ideal for some folks who yearn for an adventure that involves a trip getaway. This is a perfect option to throw a party driving downtown or even out of town to a close-by sandy destination. The party can be entirely on the bus or you can use it as a warm-up option. So, why not grasp some of the amazing opportunities and celebrate your birthday on the go? You can start the celebration the very moment you start the trip!

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In this article, we’ll help you plan the birthday party of your dreams. If you are willing to throw a party on a bus, bear in mind that the most important asset of your birthday party is the people. They will either make or break your party. Therefore, choose an alternative that can fit all of those you want to invite.

Nevertheless, there are also other tiny details that you shouldn’t disregard while planning your party. So, make sure you read on and take notes.

Birthday Bus as Your Party Place

A lot depends on the party place. Sometimes people aren’t aware that the place where they’ll actually throw a party is crucial. So, according to the venue, the whole atmosphere of the birthday party will be dictated, including the outfits, decor, etc. Having a birthday party while you’re actually on the road, driving around town, is what a birthday bus celebration is all about. A bus is a fun and unique place on its own.

There are many birthday party bus options according to the number of guests and party packages. For instance, the platinum package includes food and alcohol during the ride. This is a cool way to have a blast while driving around town or to a city nearby.

It’s All About Decor… or Maybe Not?

When you choose a restaurant as your birthday venue, it’s all about decorations, isn’t it? If it is so, you’ll need a tremendous effort and money to organize a proper decoration at the restaurant. However, if your birthday party happens to be driving around in a car or a bus, you can save some money that you’ll otherwise splurge on decor. Most of the birthday party buses already have a great interior design that doesn’t require additional details.

So, in this case, you can use the motto less is more. This is the reason why choosing some alternative ways of celebration will go hand in hand with traveling. This way you won’t have to think about the decor at all and you’ll have a splendid party as well.

How Many People Are You Going to Invite?

Are you planning on a tiny celebration with your closest friends or you want to invite the whole neighborhood? The number of people you’re planning to invite will help you decide on the size of the party bus you’re going to rent.

For instance, most birthday buses can fit up to 25 people and simulate a nightclub atmosphere. This is a great option to have all of your friends in one place, and have a private party on board. Weather conditions also won’t matter in this case. So, you don’t have to worry about whether it rains or not.

Are You Throwing a Birthday Party for Your Kid?

When throwing a party on a birthday bus, taking into consideration whether it’s an adult or kids’ birthday plays an important role in planning. Sometimes when you are throwing a birthday party for your kid, you want the little ones to be in one place. You definitely want to bring everyone safe and sound at home, right?

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As a result, this is why outdoor kid parties aren’t a good idea. These types of parties carry a certain dose of danger because the kids can run around in no time. This means you should forget about luna parks.

Therefore, to save yourself the effort of running around after them, choose an indoor place. Other than a birthday bus, you can also choose a playroom. This way you will keep things under control. You should have in mind that most birthday buses offer discounts for kids’ packages and use them to your advantage.

Sticking to Budget-Friendly, Yet Fun Options

Planning a birthday party on a tight budget can be quite challenging. In fact, the average cost of a birthday party is around $500. Even if this price is a bit too much for you, don’t be put down. Choosing to throw a birthday party on a bus is a cheap and fun option. Other than that, there are also various other budget-friendly alternatives. Throwing an affordable birthday party is possible if you follow these rules:

  • Keep it simple. Don’t waste money on luxury venues and decor.
  • Aim to invite your closest friends only.
  • Send digital invitations instead of paper ones.
  • Make the cake yourself.
  • Choose a surrounding that doesn’t require much decoration.

We hope that our 5 tips will help you organize the best birthday party. In the end, it’s all about having a good time with the people who matter to you, right? So, make sure you offer them the opportunity to attend a party event that will be the number one talking topic for a long time.

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