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3 Awesome Birthday Gifts You Can Have Delivered

Of the many ways Covid-19 impacts our lives, our lack of ability to spend time with friends and family is the worst. It’s hard to feel isolated from the ones we love, especially when those important days come around.

You know the ones. Birthdays, holidays, major life events. Though you cannot visit your special people on their special day, there are ways you can show them you care.

Take a look at these three awesome birthday gifts you can get delivered to anyone you love.

1. Meal Delivery Service Subscription

Do you know someone who loves to cook? Do you want to make sure your older relatives and loved ones leave the house as little as possible until this pandemic clears?

Gift them a subscription to a meal delivery service. With these meal delivery services, your loved one can choose recipes that suit their taste and have the ingredients delivered to their door!

Each of the recipes comes with detailed instructions on how to prepare the meal. What’s really fun is that it allows the foodie in your life to expand his or her cooking repertoire by cooking cuisines from all over the world.

These meal delivery services make awesome birthday gifts for her, and great birthday gifts for him as well. Give anyone in your life the best gift of all, healthy home-cooked meals.

2. Beer Delivery

Do you know someone who loves beer and beer culture? Are they the type of person who loved spending their weekends visiting new breweries and drinking all kinds of fun beers?

What could be better for birthday gift delivery than beer?

You can please any hop-head on their birthday with some happy birthday beer delivered right to their doorstep!

Beer delivery isn’t meant only for the serious hop-head and beer snob, it can be for anyone. When you’re out of birthday gift ideas, or can’t think of birthday gifts for Dad, deliver the wonderful gift of beer. It’s a guaranteed winner.

3. The Classic Gift Basket

How can you go wrong buying someone a gift basket stuffed with their favorite candy, snacks, wine, or beauty items? Easily personalized, gift baskets make great birthday gifts for men, women, and children.

Show your love with a basket filled with fresh-baked cookies and sweets. Send along a basket filled with delicious smoked meats and cheeses. Give the gift of your favorite wines with a wine basket or a canned wine from an Alcohol Professor.

There are so many ways to make a gift basket special. A few minutes of internet sleuthing can help you find the best birthday gift basket for anyone you love.

Awesome Birthday Gifts

In the Covid-19 era, special days like birthdays are more challenging than ever. While the perfect gift always required some ingenuity, these days our gifts need to go above and beyond.

There are so many awesome birthday gifts you can ship to someone to show you care. Consider a gift pack of beer or gin Australia, home-cooked meals, and classic gift baskets the next time a birthday rolls around! Don’t forget, you can also get a personalised card delivered with cute pictures and a sweet message to make their birthday that extra special.’

Do you need more great gift ideas? Check out the rest of our page.

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