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Tech Gadgets to Take the Stress Out of the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly this December – or is it? Researchers have found that a vast number of Europeans do not enjoy the festive season at all, often feeling despondent or stressed out. The reasons are pretty easy to work out. From worrying about meeting gifting expectations to keeping the home clean and tidy, and remembering everyone on your ‘naughty or nice’ list, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Technology has come such a long way in terms of making our lives easier. From remote control mops to heated butter knives, swivel peelers, and integrated home entertainment systems, holding the holiday party of a lifetime is easier than ever – and considerably less stressful. Why not consider popping the following cool items into your extra-large festive stocking this year?

High Tech Steam Cleaning

The Environmental Protection Authority has warned homeowners that the indoor air quality in many homes is significantly worse than the air outside. This might sound shocking, but if you think about the vast number of toxic cleaning products many families use on a daily basis – including bleach and ammonia, it makes perfect sense. The ideal way to improve air quality and cut down the amount of work you need to kill bacteria and leave floors with a gorgeous gleam is through steam cleaning. As stated by cleaning experts  Household Advice, for steam cleaners to be truly effective, they should have a good water tank capacity, be capable of clearing a wide array of surfaces, and be light enough to handle with ease. When you use a top-rated device, you may find that you don’t have to clean as often, since it does such a thorough job that every time you use it, you are essentially giving your home a deep clean.

Integrated Entertainment Systems

Gone are the days when a small portable radio was all families had to keep them entertained. Today, high-tech entertainment systems connect different rooms through cutting edge technology, making for the kind of musical experience that will have your guests ‘dancing on the ceiling’. Imagine being able to program the music played in your living room, entertainment room, and bedrooms, from your tablet? Innovative sound systems allow you to do just that, playing your favourite lists for guests in different parts of the home. These systems unite various types of speakers – including round-shaped stand-alone speakers whose volume you can control by simply running your fingers along their edge, and hexagonal speakers. The latter can be put together to create a bespoke artwork on your wall. Your final shape can contain a combination of speakers and empty shapes that merely exist to create a larger, more awe-inspiring décor piece. Sounds like a great plan for families wishing to host memorable parties during the festive season.

Making Mealtime a Breeze

The person cooking for a festive party or family gathering always has the short end of the stick, it seems – yet preparing a meal can actually be a breeze if you invest in a good robotic chef. With this device, all you need to do is chop up your ingredients and stick them into the main receptacle in the stages indicated. The result? Everything from fragrant curries to gluten-free chocolate cake, citrus cheesecake, and mouthwatering orange-brined turkey. These machines can essentially function as a chef, kettle, slow cooker, and sous-vide system all-in-one.
Staying stress-free during the festive season essentially involves freeing yourself up time-wise. This means ensuring that entertainment is on point, food is served on time, and your interiors are flawlessly clean. With the help of a super potent steam cleaner or a hardworking robotic chef, you can free yourself time-wise and enjoy the party yourself. Don’t forget that the festive season is made for bonding with family and friends – in many ways, however, technology can be your very best friend during this time of the year.
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