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Experts Tell Us the Best PS3 Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best PS3 Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Genshin Impact

This product was recommended by Tommy Mello from A1Garage

You really don’t have to spend much just to play a fun and high-quality game. As a game enthusiast and Anime lover myself, I highly recommend this free yet challenging PS3 Game. It is mainly an action role-playing game where every character has their own skills and attacks. The main location that this game features is on Tevyat and the character must face different challenges to get a reward. After every challenge, the character will then proceed to Adventure rank where they can unlock new quests to level up. Overall, this game is really challenging as you really need to plan the techniques you’ll apply to every quest and the farther your progress, the more difficult the challenges.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III

This product was recommended by Eddie Bye from Physio Flex Pro

This has been an all time favorite two player PS3 game. We all probably know how famous this game is. Over the years, this has been considered as one of the best war games of all time and it never gets old. From the nice visuals, the challenge, and the different level of difficulties in the battlefield that will really test your gaming skills and will surely level up your gaming experience.

Burnout Paradise

This product was recommended by Jim Powell from My Speech Class

This game has so many little things that make you enjoy in this game, like trying to handbrake-turn your car into a parking space (for which it grades you) or trying to leap down the side of a mountain and land without totaling your car.

FIFA Soccer 10

This product was recommended by Jim Powell from My Speech Class

On the pitch, critical gameplay fundamentals have been enhanced to ensure that FIFA Soccer 10 mirrors real-world soccer, providing more sophisticated ball control and physical interaction between players. In addition, players now move, behave and position themselves more realistically.


This product was recommended by Jim Powell from My Speech Class

No dialogue, no overt plot, no combat, no way to die. Yet there are not many games that ever provide a more complete experience, filled with so many agonized, terrifying lows and such jubilant, exhilarating moments of joy.

Grand Theft Auto V

This product was recommended by Jim Powell from My Speech Class

Probably the biggest evolution Grand Theft Auto has enjoyed since it went 3D. GTA 5 takes the essence of what has always made the series great, dismantles it, and rebuilds it with a new, fresh, altogether more thoughtful, and entirely reinvigorated structure. The three-protagonist set-up does far, far more than simply mix up the characterization, building sophisticated dramatic irony as three separate storylines twist and conflict, all under the control of the player.

The Last Of Us

This product was recommended by Jim Powell from My Speech Class

It’s a masterpiece of affecting, mature storytelling and ingenious, gameplay-driven narrative, one that uses the graphical power of a fully mastered console as much for emotional resonance as for visual impact.

Red Dead Redemption

This product was recommended by Matthew Paxton from Hypernia

Red Dead Redemption is a magnificent virtual environment with a plethora of activities, an intriguing story, and amazing action. The game not only depicts a former world, but also forces the user to reflect on the times we live in now. An outstanding feat for a video game. A must-play for fans of the genre or superb action adventures in general. We don’t frequently get masterpieces around here, but this is one of those times when gamers will remember a dusty old six shooter more fondly than anything involving car jacking.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This product was recommended by Matthew Paxton from Hypernia

A superbly designed single-player story combined with the best multiplayer action since Warhawk delivers incredible value. One of the best military shooters to date, with enough realism to put you right on the battlefield. The aesthetics are unrivaled by other PlayStation 3 attempts in terms of realism. The gameplay seems familiar while yet being refreshing and interesting.

Grand Theft Auto IV

This product was recommended by Sherry Morgan from Petsolino

Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t flawless, but it’s a fantastic game from beginning to end. With so much detail, it’s practically impossible to imagine how much time, effort, and money must have gone into creating the game. I could go on for a thousand lines about GTA IV’s fantastic experience, but the most important thing to remember is that it is a true masterpiece.

L.A. Noire

This product was recommended by Ryan Yount from LuckLuckGo

L. A Noire is a groundbreaking violent crime thriller that uses the latest animation technology to capture every shade of an actors’ facial performance, making it ultra-realistic. In the game, players play the detective’s role, which will see their search for clues, interrogate witnesses and run after criminals. The game takes you through real-life experiences dealing with increased murder rates, rampant corruption, and exploding drug trade.

Batman: Arkham City-Game of the Year Edition

This product was recommended by Ryan Yount from LuckLuckGo

One fantastic thing about this game is that it includes Harley Quinn’s revenge, who now is more dangerous than before, and she leads her gang of psychopaths bent on avenging the Dark Knight. Additionally, it comes with bonus content that includes Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin challenge map, and Arkham city bundle pack. You will fight new villains in the game and solve new storylines as the world’s greatest detective.

Resistance 3

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The Resistance series was a big part of the PlayStation 3. It went from a good launch game to a bad sequel to an FPS masterpiece. R3 looks like a good choice. Why is this game so unique? Because of the 1950s setting, the weird but rewarding alien weapons, and the heartwarming storey of a father protecting his family. In each stage, the fight is as smooth as a bird plucked from the Gulf of Mexico. When you think you’ve mastered the game’s many different situations and challenges, a new one comes up.


This product was recommended by Robin Young from Fitness Savvy

For me, the best game on the PS3 is Call of Duty – World at War. Many people preferred the Modern Warfare games, however, this was the best for me – by far. It was one of the very first games I played on the PS3 so maybe I’m being nostalgic and remembering it through rose-tinted glasses? Anyway, I think it was the best because it was a great combination between a war game and zombie game. I was a huge Resident Evil fan, so this really struck a chord with me.


This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

BioShock was a turning point for the gaming industry in defining and setting new standards in terms of gameplay depth, atmosphere, world-building, and narrative.

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

I’m sure you’ve played the previous versions and you know you have enjoyed them a lot. What’s new here is that you have online match-making and worldwide online gaming on top of new characters like Crimson Viper, El Fuerte, Rufus, and Abel.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This product was recommended by Chiara Gomiero from Handy Wine Guide

This is one of the most single-player games for PS3. Your quest? Find the heir to the throne that is empty fighting against demons who wants to destroy all of Tamriel. A true plus of this game is that you can play it at your own pace, explore and find your own missions. Thanks to the new AI systems, the NPCs, aka non-player characters, are able to make their own choices based on the world around them.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

I played Uncharted 1 until I made myself sick of it, so I was ready for Uncharted 2 and it did not disappoint. If you haven’t played these, I highly recommend them. The storyline is interesting, the comments are sometimes hilarious and I was even able to play the hardest version of this successfully.

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Trilogy

This product was recommended by Sam Cohen from MyFreeOCR

The Assassin’s Creed series is a fantastic addition to the history genre. It is set in a realistic historical time frame that is fun to explore. The gameplay is engrossing and the characters memorable. The stories are engaging and the graphics are top-notch. If you want to experience a realistic historical setting with fun characters and an engaging story, this is the game for you.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

Sonic and his friends race around tracks set in medieval castle ramparts, lush rainforests, and bustling cities, all taken from Sonic and SEGA’s visually rich and varied universes. Dr. Eggman, Tails, AiAi, Amigo, and others will join Sonic in their custom-built vehicles, revving their engines and jostling for position. Each character will race around the track in cars, planes, motorcycles, and, in the case of Aiai, a banana mobile! Secret shortcuts, quick handling, and avoiding strategically placed obstacles are undoubtedly the best ways to reach the podium… However, winning is only a small part of the fun in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing! Each character possesses


This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

Make your game world and explore, build, and conquer it. When night falls, the monsters appear, so make sure you’ve built a haven for yourself before they arrive. Make it through the night, and the world is only limited by your imagination; you decide what to make or do. The split-screen option necessitates an HD TV with an HD connection.

Sonic the Hedgehog

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

Sonic the Hedgehog must race through seven classic zones at breakneck speed. On your goal to save the universe from the evil Dr. Eggman by running and defeating enemies. For the first time, you can play as Sonic’s friend’s Tails and Knuckles. Use their special abilities to fly, climb, and glide around levels, which provide exciting new opportunities to navigate.

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

This product was recommended by Daniela Sawyer from FindPeopleFast

The Most Comprehensive Collection of Classic SEGA Titles. Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Columns, Eco the Dolphin, and four titles from the Phantasy Star series, to name a few, will transport players back in time. Several titles are unlocked. Arcade favorites such as Congo Bongo, Altered Beast, Zaxxon, and others are included. All titles have been upgraded to high definition. The classic 2D style has never looked better! Each title has been converted to high-definition (720p) and will be a blast to play with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems’ intuitive controls. Massive Multiplayer Capabilities. Friends can play 2-player classics together at home in select games on the same console.

Fighting Edition: Tekken 6/Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Soul Calibur V

This product was recommended by Michelle Walker from My Spiritual Guidance

For those who enjoyed the original, this version is even better, with more graphic gameplay and characters. It also includes Tekken 6, which is another action packed game, as well as Soul Calibur 5. This three-pack is a must-have for any Tekken fan at this price point. Recommended to any Tekken fan.

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