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Experts Tell Us the Best Android Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Android Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

AnimA ARPG (Action RPG 2021)

This product was recommended by Matthew Paxton from Hypernia

As a Diablo II fan myself, finding AnimA on android has been a very pleasant experience. It’s an action RPG hack and slash which evokes the feelings and memories of playing Diablo. From the font, the classic isometric camera angle, the looting, and the dark fantasy setting, this game will not disappoint. It’s also free to play, which gives all the more reason to try it out.


This product was recommended by May Flanagan from Global Green Family

If you’re looking for an app that’s fun and will help you learn about energy conservation, download JouleBug. This awesome android app gamifies that process of saving energy in our homes by incorporating game mechanics in the form of leaderboards and badges for every eco-achievement. For example, the game can set up a challenge of combining your errands or chores efficiently into a single trip instead of doing them on separate occasions to save on energy. Another example would be to find a spot in your backyard for composting, and if you achieve such a challenge, you’ll gain a badge that you can share with your friends. Plus, they can join in the fun too by having a ‘friendly competition’ as to who has saved the most money or energy in a certain period of time!

Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator

This product was recommended by Michelle Dees from Guinea Pig Owner

Despite the name, this game doesn’t revolve around Pewdiepie as much as one might think. The game is essentially a miniature version of Minecraft, where your room is used as a canvas to build anything from the simplest of dwellings to exceptionally complex fabrications. While the game has minor microtransaction options, you do not need to pay to win and the grind required to purchase in-game items is minimal, especially when compared to other mobile games.

Grid Autosport

This product was recommended by Jabez Reuben from The Blueprints

The game was launched in 2019 and hits all the checkmarks of a good racing game. It is reasonably priced at $9.99 and is free from the irritating in-app purchase and paid advertising prompts. It has excellent graphics, smooth controls and plenty of content to play through.

This War of Mine

This product was recommended by Andy from OhWeCook

I spent my vacation leave just to play this game! This 2D game is well written and well designed. The black-themed graphics adds drama to the overall theme of the game. With the story, you will not be playing as a soldier or a hero. But instead, as civilians caught in the middle of the war. You will be playing a set of characters with different personalities and skillsets that are essential for their survival. I can say that this game is amazing. However, heart-wrenching but immersive and realistic in the sense you need strategies, craft, trade, and manage your survivor’s wellbeing to continue living until the end of the war.

Stardew Valley

This product was recommended by Andy from OhWeCook

I still can’t believe this game is made only by one person! For me, this game is not a farming simulator but instead a life simulator. You will have an option to customize your character, the game offers a lot of options from hairstyles, the color of your eyes, clothes, starting terrain, and more. You will start as having a small home with an option to expand and design the interiors, grow crops, trade and explore deep mines and participate in monthly events. Each corner of the place tells secrets that are bound for you to discover as long as you’re not busy courting someone. Yes, there is a dating mechanic on this game. You can virtually start a family, get married, and settle down! The storyline of this game is layer by layer. You can either be a miner, a dungeon hunter of monsters, a mystery detective, or let alone a fisherman. I spent precious hours on this game with no regret. This is artistically made and I can say a masterpiece of a modern-day artisan.

Sea Merge

This product was recommended by Tim Robertson from inVPN

I like this game since it enhances my brain activity. It challenges me to merge puzzles. There are achievements you can unlock, which also makes me eager to play and go to a higher level. Though there are times that I cannot collect gold or coins on this game, this game still can help me think and it is fun to play.

Slither Space Worm 2

This product was recommended by Ahmed Mir from Sip Coffee House

This game is amazing since it helps me practice how to focus and be patient. The game is easy and it is applicable for all ages. I enjoy playing this game especially if my slither worm is getting huge and I feel like with the focus and patience I am putting into the game, I am gaining bigger and feeling strong.

Among Us for Android

This product was recommended by Miranda Yan from VinPit

Launched in 2018, Among Us is dominating the game field. This is one of the best multiplayer, exciting yet straightforward, and engaging games.


This product was recommended by Miranda Yan from VinPit

This is a well-known and probably the most played game in the field of android gaming. Its storyline, warfare, fighting skills, and graphic designs are gamer’s favorite.

Call of Duty Mobile

This product was recommended by Miranda Yan from VinPit

Another famous widely played multiplayer warfare game is a call of duty.

Minecraft-Pocket Edition for Android

This product was recommended by Miranda Yan from VinPit

Minecraft has a unique place in the gaming world. It is an all-time favorite of all gamers of all ages. However, the Minecraft mobile version is not the same as the PC version. But still, it is a very famous android game.

Genshin Impact

This product was recommended by Miranda Yan from VinPit

The growing popularity of this game is unimaginable. It earned $100 million within two weeks of its release. It is the best adventure game with fights and exploration. Its beautiful sounds and graphics are also very engaging.

Plants vs. Zombies

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

In spite of being both goofy and cute looking, Plants vs. Zombies made a huge splash with both critics and gamers when it first appeared on the indie scene back in 2009. And for good reason. The title’s short-shot strategic tower defense gameplay is expertly balanced and is at once amusing and fun to play. While the controls suffer a bit on Android, as they often do on mobile, every other facet of this title is the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies that kept many a gamer playing long into the night.


This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Blizzard’s only Android game to date is the ideal freemium title, as it is likely the finest digital card game you will ever play. Like all Blizzard games it is a masterwork of craftsmanship. You could play Hearthstone for years without spending a penny, and enjoy every moment of your time. You could also spend a ton of money buying decks and other IAPs. On any list of the best free Android games—Hearthstone easily snatches a spot in the top five.

Bad North

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Starting life as a PC-only indie, Bad North makes for a perfect fit for Android devices. In terms of gameplay it mixes the elegance and defensive tactics of tower defense with the open movement of real-time strategy. You play an island-hopping Viking commander trying to recruit allies and escape an encroaching throng of your gone-a-viking kinsmen. Discovering new lands provides bonuses in the shape of skills, items and allies, as well as providing defensive missions wherein you stave off the latest wave of Norse ravagers. If you have a strategy itch to scratch, Bad North will keep you pleased for hours.

Dead Cells

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Playdigious’ Dead Cells is hands down one of the most hardcore action games available on Android. Though wrapped in an old-school package by way of a side-scrolling platformer format and pixelated graphics, Dead Cells is anything but a retread. A metroidvania roguelike at heart, it’s packed with challenging combat and a series of unlocks that enable The Prisoner (that’s, you) to earn new skills and weapons with progressive playthroughs. Dead Cells’ puzzles and exemplary combat will keep you glued to your device as you fight, die, come back stronger and slowly uncover everything this visually stunning game has to offer.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

KOTOR, as it is affectionately known, is set 4,000 years before the birth of the Galactic Empire. Gamers take on the role of a Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic. Aside from being one of the deepest and most nuanced Android RPG, the title allows players to engage on bevy of cool Star Warsy pursuits, such as building a personalized lightsaber and travel the galaxy in a starship. Still considered by many to be the best Star Wars game to date, Knights of the Old Republic is as close as you will ever get to becoming a Jedi knight..

Banner Saga – Viking Strategy Tactics RPG

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Stoic Studio’s The Banner Saga 1 and 2 offers up two of the finest strategy RPGs you will ever play. Featuring stunning hand-drawn graphics, and replete with challenging narrative choices, the title’s interactive narrative often sports harsh consequences. Both The Banner Saga 1 and 2, require strategic planning as players manage their caravan’s scarce resources. The game really shines, however, by way of its rich and elegant turn-based combat. While the mechanics are easy to learn, they are quite challenging to master. The series, which offers deeply compelling narratives and strategic combat set on a beautiful hand-drawn backdrop, will have any fan of strategy RPGs riveted to their small screens.

Plague Inc.

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

We’ve got a lot of nerve throwing this global pandemic simulator up on our list. In a very interesting and strangely fitting turn of events, Miniclip’s Plague Inc. saw a huge resurgence beginning last spring. For the uninitiated, in Plague Inc. you control a deadly virus. Your central task is to shepherd said virus’s evolution from a relatively harmless microorganism to an invulnerable apocalyptic disease. Aside from being a scientifically accurate simulation, one that demonstrates how diseases evolve and spread over time, Plague Inc. is a brilliant and entrancing simulator. And one could safely argue that not only does it illuminate the nuances of a global pandemic, it also provides a startling argument for perhaps maybe listening to those folks responsible for stuff like space flight over, say, pundits and politicians.


This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Are we somehow suggesting a Minecraft clone like Terraria is somehow better than its predecessor? Well, perhaps, perhaps not. We would argue, however, that Terraria provides a better Android game. The title is more easily digestible in small chunks and the 2D interface just translates better to the tiny screen. Plus, you would be hard pressed to find a sandbox survival game that is its equal on Android. The crafting, boss fights and town building are all utterly amusing. Being able to dig down to hell at Terraria onset speaks volumes about the sorts of emergent experiences that are possible in this superb title.

Civilization VI

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

Yes, it is true that it works on like four phones, and it also might be true that the game’s user interface sports less-than-perfect touch controls. You might even suggest that it’s best played on a high-end tablet. True, true and true. And yet, it’s Civilization VI on your Android device. For those of you who are raised on the tundra, the Civilization games see you shepherding a civilization’s from the Stone to the Space Age. It is at once nuanced, complex and entirely fathomable. It is, at the end of the day, as satisfyingly addictive as strategy gets on Android.

XCOM Enemy Within

This product was recommended by Al Jackson from Hardcore Droid

XCOM Enemy Within is likely the finest game available on Android. Both its strategic and tactical layers are as engaging and nuanced as it gets on Android. You play as the commander of XCOM, a force cobbled together from the far corners of the Earth. Your job: Save the planet from an alien invasion. Managing your XCOM force, craftily constructing new stuff and keeping XCOM member nations happy is the long and short of the strategy layer. While engaging, it does not hold a candle to XCOM’s turn-based tactical combat. What’s more, XCOM’s customization and randomized missions create some of the most emergent gameplay you will find in Android gaming.

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