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Introducing Feminism to Children – The Best Books for Toddlers with Feminist Themes

Our Top Picks for Books for Toddlers

It can be difficult to introduce big topics such as Feminism to younger children – but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The books below are perfect for introducing these ideas to toddlers in an easy to understand way – take a look below to see the reviews.

The Girl God by Trista Hendren

This product was recommended by Alyscia Cunningham from AC Media

My daughters loved this book, and several others from Girl God Books. The illustrations a bright and captivating in the story is very powerful. For that reason I would suggest this as an essential feminist book for toddlers.

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

This product was recommended by Afoma Umesi from Oh So Spotless

This picture book is essential for teaching young girls that they are just as intellectually capable as their male counterparts in the STEM field. What I love most about it is that it does not compare boys and girls, neither is it specifically for girls. Instead, it shows its readers (whether male or female) that girls can invent things and rise above failure — even learning from it.

Think Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

This product was recommended by Michelle Meredith from Bright Color Mom

This book features women of all colors, backgrounds, and abilities with brief descriptions of their amazing achievements. The illustrations are beautiful to look at, and the text isn’t overwhelming for a toddler to sit and listen to. Some pages just have some text that tells the reader they can do those awesome things, too!

Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

One of my favorites written by a mother and daughter. This book encourages girls to always be themselves and that she’s great just the way she is—whether she enjoys jumping in a muddy puddle, has a face full of freckles, or dances on tabletops. This book is about love, empowerment, self-affirmation, curiosity, and everything else we need more of in the world. This book is great for all humans.

Little Feminist Board Book Set by Mudpuppy

This product was recommended by Mary Koczan from Gift Card Granny

My 3 year old daughter frequently grabs a book or two from this set to read at night before bed. The Little Feminist Board Book Set includes 4 books that feature women activists, leaders, artists, and pioneers throughout history. Each book has a picture and simple, one-sentence explanation of who the women are and their contribution to humanity. From exploring space to creating art, these books show my daughter real-life examples of women who weren’t afraid to be themselves and pursue their dreams.

Goodnight Lab By, Chris Ferrie

This product was recommended by Krissy Hadick from thehadicks

Goodnight Lab is great feminist book for toddlers as it demonstrates real life achievements of women. Scientists have mostly been seen as a male’s role in society and it is important to show girls that they too can choose science as a career path if desired. Stories that embrace feminism and give real life examples are great ways to allow girls to explore all the possible options out there. Goodnight Lab does a good job of bringing together the classic Goodnight Moon story into a new context that is easy for toddlers to enjoy.

A is for Audra by John Robert Allman

This product was recommended by L. Elizabeth Forry from ElizabethForry

This is an excellent book to teach young children about the ABC’s through feminie star power and diversity. It highlights dozens of Broadway’s most famous women and proves that the stage really can be a woman’s world! Reading this book with your child may open the door to watching videos of some of these powerhouses perform presenting representation across the board.

Pretty By Dani Coplen

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from EffortlessInsurance

It’s easy for a little girl to think her value lies in her looks. She’ll likely hear from friends and strangers how pretty she is. This book takes that word, “pretty,” and uses it as a modifier for all the wonderful characteristics that truly make a girl who she is. Instead of just hearing they’re “pretty,” toddler girls will hear in this book that they’re pretty strong, pretty awesome, and pretty special.

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