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Why Smart Toys Are Good for Your Kids

The overwhelming number of smart toys in the market makes the kids disregard traditional toys. Some studies claimed that by 2026, intelligent toys, such as building games, puzzles, wearables, and health-tracking toys, may reach about 69,932.5 million US Dollars.

Besides entertainment, smart toys, especially the talking types, can give the kids lots of benefits. It helps the children to expand their imagination and formulate a new way to communicate with other individuals. In other words, talking toys encourage children to get up from the couch and play with them.

Since we are living in a technological era, smart toys have broad coverage, including robots. In connection to that, parents may be asking themselves how safe and beneficial it is to their children. Every parent also wants to know how these advanced toys affect their kids’ social and psychic health.

In this post, we are going to answer the question, “Why smart toys are good for your kids?” So, if you plan to give your kids a smart toy, this article is perfect for you. But before that, let us first know what a smart toy is.

Defining Smart Toy

A smart toy is defined as a type of interactive device controlled by a technology-based mind, which works similar to artificial intelligence. In other words, these kinds of toys can interact with your kids, can react to any situation, and behave depending on the situation or emotion of the user. Some types of mart toys feature touch sensors, voice recognition and can be controlled using mobile applications.

Benefits of Giving Your Kids with Smart Toys

Different types of toys are considered as a form of entertainment – give joy to your kids during their lonesome time. But with the advancement of technology, smart toys can provide your kids not just entertainment but also special benefits and experiences. The following are the good reasons giving your kids smart toys is a good decision. Read on to know further.

Social Skills

Kids who tend to play with smart toys more frequently may develop a sense of reasoning and perception. This form of technology gives help to your child to build thoughts while making a conversation.

Smart toys that offer games, including quizzes or puzzles, can improve the cognitive skills of the child. But, what’s more, important is that your children can develop the right strategies to interact with other people. Aside from that, they can discover their emotions, feelings and differentiate good attitudes from the bad.

For instance, most smart toys these days are designed to teach your kids not to talk with bullies – they tend to feel indifferent and sad when your kids treated them wrongly. Instead of sending your kids to an online kid therapy or counseling, you would find it super useful to have your kids bond with such a toy.

So, to bring back the fun and bond between the toys and the kid, the latter should tell them sorry.


Another main purpose of smart toys is to educate their users. You can find a wide array of smart games designed for any age. What’s more? Kids that play with smart toys may determine the importance of knowing and understanding what’s inside the digital world.

Change is the only constant thing in this world. This means that each day, electronic devices and technology keeps us more connected. This is an important aspect that kids should know and understand. Some forms of smart toys provide lessons about basic programming and STEM disciplines. This kind of smart game has a high demand, especially among those parents who have a hectic working schedule.


Even though smart toys can perform some human activities, we cannot deny the fact that a robot, a doll, or any form of smart toy would never be human. This is one of the important things that kids these days should keep in mind. They don’t feel any sense of happiness, joy, or sadness.

In connection to that, this fact could make your kids more dependent to their toys, and this is where the Tamagotchi effect may happen. During the late 90s, kids were greatly affected when their smart pets died or broke. So, as a parent, you should ensure that your kid’s actions or feelings won’t be manipulated by these smart toys.

Even though smart toys provide your kids with a sense of psychological safety and comfort, you should advise your kids not to be more dependent on their toys. Long-time dependency can cause your kids to isolate themselves from what’s happening in the real world. This can lead to a more significant problem, such as having a hard time differentiating real situations from fantasy.

Safety and Ethics

We cannot deny the fact that smart toys are still new in the market. This means that it does not yet have its quality label or certification mark. That’s why most parents are conscious of its moral purpose and safety. They usually ended up questioning if Artificial Intelligence toys can misguide their kids or not. They are also wondering about their kid’s privacy and security.

Even though smart toys offer lots of benefits to your kids, it is always important to check if it does not cause harm to your kids. The manufacturer should also tell the ethical and safety information about their toys before deploying them to the market because this is a susceptible and huge topic.


These days, parents always give their kids different forms of smart toys, knowing that it could help their children develop other skills. Yes, smart toys can offer a wide array of intelligence features, beneficial to your kids’ overall development. But let us keep in mind that even though these are the latest forms of entertainment, they can still put your child’s life in danger. We are not saying that this is not an acceptable form of toys for your kids. We want to impart every parent’s mind to limit the playing time of their kids with smart toys.

Smart toys are the latest product of technological innovation designed for kids at any age. But note that it comes with some pros and cons that every parent should weigh before giving it to their little kids.

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