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Want to Learn to Play the Drums? These are the Beginner Books for You

The Best Books for Beginners – Drums

If you are starting out on the drums then it’s always a good idea to get some books to guide you along the way. These books have been recommended for beginner drummers – take a look below to see the reviews.

Alfred Kid’s Drumset Course by Dave Black

This product was recommended by Alyssa Wilkins from Dynamic Lynks

This is the perfect beginner drumset book for kids of all ages and abilities!

The Best Beginner Drum Book by Jared Falk

This product was recommended by Jessica Miller from Bike Inquire

This book covers everything you need to know to get started. It goes through the pros and cons of different drum types, helps you with what equipment you need, how to set it up, how to hold drum sticks, how to sit behind your set, and much more. It teaches you drumming terminology, note values, how to read drum notation, and not to forget: how to play drums. By the time you get through the book, you should be able to play some nice grooves. As a bonus, you’ll get access to some ‘drumless’ play-along songs, plus free month access to ‘Drumeo Edge’ where there are literally thousands of lessons available to you. Even if you’ve been playing drums for a while, you will find this book a great asset to have.

My First Drumming Book by Sam Taplin

This product was recommended by Dhanya G. from Parenting Passage

This book really lets children discover the fun of drumming. There are5 different types of drum sounds and a selection of tunes to play along with so young drummers can learn about rhythms. The sounds are pleasant and not disturbing at all.

Unique Technique for Drum Set Player by Andy LaPointe

This product was recommended by Andy LaPointe from N/A

The underlying methodology of the Independent Warm-Up techniques within this book is designed to assist drummers to achieve four-limb independence. This will be accomplished by studying 10 select rudiments out of the 26 American rudiments. However, unlike traditional rudimental study, the lessons in this book will incorporate the feet as well as the hands to perform the rhythmic patterns. This will allow the drummer to achieve total four-limb independence. The ideal approach to studying the following 20 lessons would be the same as if the drummer were studying traditional rudimental theory. The reader would situate himself/herself behind the drum set with this material in a suitable location. Once this achieved the drummer would begin to perform the lessons.

Drumopedia by Dan Britt

This product was recommended by Sneha Mishra from SkateboardSeek

This book is perfect to build speed and technique, the first few pages tell everything about how to read sheet music specifically for drums. If you already have some music experience, you can skip the first chapter and dive right into learning the rhythms and fills. It is explained in easy language and especially helpful if drums are your first instrument, as it teaches you the fundamentals of reading rhythm from sheet music. Overall the book is organized and sequenced in a very smart way with just the right amount of drumming knowledge to get you off to a good start.

Play Drums Today! Beginner’s Pack by Hal Leonard Corp

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

This book is the best because it’s all that you need to learn how to play drums. Very easy to understand and follow. Comes with a DVD for easy reference. Best of all, instructions are in detail and explained very well. Perfect for beginners!

I Want to Be a Drummer by Mark Powers

This product was recommended by Simon Tam from The Slants LLC

I Want to Be a Drummer is a great children’s book that helps them explore the joy of creating music using nearly anything as a drum. It’s approachable, an easy read, and helps remind kids how they can develop an appreciation for rhythm and sounds in the world around them – with and without instruments.

Slammin’ Simon’s Beginner’s Bundle by Slammin’ Simon

This product was recommended by Simon Tam from The Slants LLC

The Slammin’ Simon series explores core concepts for drumming, including key patterns and form, but is geared for kids. It has great illustrations, explains the musical concepts clearly, and is presented in a way that is fun and engaging. It is also available in multiple languages.

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