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11 Awesome Gifts To Wow A Surfer You Know

These items just add so much more to the fun surfing experience!

Surfers know how to enjoy themselves – they might have the most enjoyable hobby out there. But with these gift list, we’ll show you how you can make it even better for them.

There are some super useful items, such as a glasses holder, or a band that repels sharks! Surfers love if you’re looking out for them and their passion – and that’s what gift giving is all about!

#1 The Icemule Classic™ Mini

The Icemule Classic™ Mini
Who suggested this product?
The The Icemule Classic™ Mini was recommended by James Collie from ICEMULE Coolers.

The ICEMULE Classic is a portable, hands-free, backpack cooler that keeps food and drink cold for up to 24 hours. This backpack is especially great for people by the water because it is 100% waterproof. Everything in the cooler will be protected and kept safe in case of large waves rising to your belongings on the beach.

The ICEMULE Classic comes in different sizes, so depending on how many people are on your trip and how long you are in the water, different sizes will be helpful when preparing for your surf day.

Learn more or buy here.

#2 Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil 16 oz

Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil 16 oz
Who suggested this product?
The Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil 16 oz was recommended by Ivan Orville from Shiny Leaf.

Staying under the sun for a long period of time, surfers often get sunburns. Sunburns are irritating, painful, and could potentially damage the skin. If going for a day at the beach, it is always nice to bring with you the Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids which carry anti-inflammatory benefits that helps soothe, treat, and heal sunburn fast. You can mix the castor oil with other oils such as coconut oil and argan oil to create DIYs for hair and skin treatment after a day under the sun!

Learn more or buy here.

#3 Brushed Titanium Wedding Band with Hawaiian Koa Wood

Brushed Titanium Wedding Band w/ Hawaiian Koa Wood
Who suggested this product?

A great gift for the surfer in your life (or you!) is a mens wedding band with sustainably harvested Hawaiian Koa wood! The outer construction is strong and lightweight titanium that will never scratch or tarnish, but the inside is where the true star of the show is. Authentic Hawaiian Koa wood stained in a rich mahogany color makes you yearn for the beaches of Oahu. Together, these materials make a killer statement while giving a subtle nod to the island lover in all of us.

Learn more or buy here.

#4 Groove Silicone Ring

Groove Silicone Ring
Who suggested this product?
The Groove Silicone Ring was recommended by Ahbra Northcutt from Groove Life.

Because they are flexible and made of medical grade silicone, Groove Rings are a comfortable wedding ring alternative for anyone who is active. A traditional ring could cause injury and just isn’t comfortable, especially when wet. The Grooves in our rings allow moisture to escape.

Learn more or buy here.

#5 TankH2O Scuba Tank Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

TankH2O Scuba Tank Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
Who suggested this product?

When the waves are off, Surfers turn to other water-sports like scuba diving (in Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, etc.). TankH2O is the scuba tank-shaped insulated water bottle, a hit with surfers and other Ocean Adventurers”:

And for even more adventure, have a cocktail made with Tank Rum (available at select liquor stores and Duty Free shops around the world).

Learn more or buy here.

#6 AquaMermaid Tail

AquaMermaid Tail
Who suggested this product?
The AquaMermaid Tail was recommended by Marielle Chartier Henault from Mermaid Tails.

Surfers are one with the sea, just like mermaids. When the surf isn’t great, they can still enjoy the ocean in a mermaid tail! Also it provides a great workout. The monofin adds resistance to give a great core and leg workout to train and be in peak shape for surfing!

Learn more or buy here.

#7 Sharkbanz 2

Sharkbanz 2
Who suggested this product?
The Sharkbanz 2 was recommended by Jessica Parise from ChicExecs.

Using patented magnetic technology that has been researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species for over a decade, Sharkbanz takes advantage of a shark’s unique and powerful electrical sense (electroreception) to cause a highly unpleasant sensation that turns them away. With Sharkbanz, you can enjoy any ocean activity without impacting performance.

They’re designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle. Lightweight and comfortable, they do not affect ocean sport performance, so you can wear one or multiple and no batteries or charging is needed. Sharkbanz has a long list of testimonials from surfers and ocean goers who have averted shark encounters thanks to this protective device.

Learn more or buy here.

#8 ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder

ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder
Who suggested this product?
The ReadiSpex Eyeglasses and Sunglass Holder was recommended by David Crowther from ReadiSpex.

Just about everyone owns a pair of sunglasses. And just about everyone has had their sunglasses lost, scratched, or damaged because they simply didn’t have a proper place to keep them when not in use. Whether its the lenses getting scratched from keeping your glasses in your car’s cup holder or tearing apart your house trying to remember where you last had them, or even putting your life in danger as you futilely reach for your glasses that have slid from your dash and onto the floor of your car while driving – we’ve all been there!

Enter ReadiSpex – a new and unique solution for keeping your sunglasses safe and secure, where you need them, when you need them, and at the ready. Its innovative folding design allows ReadiSpex to be out of the way when you’re not using it. And at only 3mm thick, it is unobtrusive and looks great. But with one simple flip, ReadiSpex is ready to go. Just insert your glasses for a secure and safe hold.

Best of all, ReadiSpex can be used just about anywhere. With its super-strong 3M adhesive, ReadiSpex will adhere to almost any surface. Just peel, stick, and it’s ready to go. Place it in your car, by your bedside, in your truck or RV, in your school locker, at your desk, or on your boat. Basically anywhere you can think of!

Learn more or buy here.

#9 Gray Whale Gin

Gray Whale Gin
Who suggested this product?
The Gray Whale Gin was recommended by Kelley Clinkenbeard from Gray Whale Gin.

Give your favorite surfer a gift that gives back to the ocean they cherish. Gray Whale Gin is a California-made, consciously crafted spirit that celebrates the gray whale by infusing botanicals found throughout the 12,000 mile-long migration path along the Pacific coastline. Gray Whale Gin is not only celebrating the whales, but also working to protect them and their home.

Every bottle of Gray Whale Gin sold supports Oceana through a 1% donation of annual sales. The brand also collects its empty bottles from bars and restaurants where Gray Whale Gin is sold to upcycle the bottles into handcrafted candles, which sell for $40 USD. 100% of these all-natural candle proceeds go directly to Oceana – making this the perfect gift for surfers and ocean-lovers alike.

Learn more or buy here.

#10 Surfboard Fins Print

Surfboard Fins Print
Who suggested this product?
The Surfboard Fins Print was recommended by Joe Murphy from The Shower Head Store.

Perfect for the beach house or your favorite wave chaser, this beachy print celebrates the surf. Illustrator and children’s book author Jorey Hurley finds endless inspiration in life’s extraordinary ordinary moments and creates a drawing every day based on her encounters, including this scene. Sitting in the sun and waiting for their adventures, these flashy fins sings in the colors of summer.

Characterised by rich, flat colors and stylized subjects, her vibrant, blocky images show the influence of her work in textile design. Printed on matte heavyweight cold press paper with archival inks. Made in Oregon.

Learn more or buy here.

#11 ICON Shane Dorian Signature 5301

ICON Shane Dorian Signature 5301
Who suggested this product?
The ICON Shane Dorian Signature 5301 was recommended by Dominic Amenta from DPA Communications.

Patrick Shane Dorian, 46, is a world-renowned surfer from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He spent 11 years competing on the World Championship Tour as a professional surfer and is currently considered one of the best big wave riders in the world.

The watches are tough, dependable, water resistant, and like most watches used for hunting, equipped with Swiss superluminova lume on the hands and dial numbers that results in a long lasting glow for reading time in the dark.. The series also features a brushed 316L stainless steel case, case back and uni-directional tight 120 click rotating dive timing bezel that ensures 200 meters of water resistance, and a durable K1 hardened crystal to resist scratching, plus a genuine rubber strap designed for water activities with an attractive design with a hole pattern for ventilation and to disperse water quickly. The strap also has on/off fingernail pull spring pins so a strap change is easy and quick.

“We aimed to take the integrity and legacy that the Szanto brand has built in dependable watches over the years, and put a unique spin on the design that caters to Shane’s deep passion for hunting, while still being ideally equipped to handle the beating a watch can take in huge surf,” said Time Concepts Founder Barry Cohen. “Shane is such a talented and accomplished individual that it came as no surprise how hands-on and involved he was in working with us to arrive at the final design for his watch. We’re so proud of the final product and eager to see the reactions from both surfing and hunting communities.”

“Time Concepts makes stylish and high-quality watches that also have a purpose and point of view,” said Dorian. “I really enjoyed this collaboration with Barry and his team, and think the result is a watch that not only looks incredible but functions perfectly for two major aspects of my life – big wave surfing and hunting.”

Learn more or buy here.

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David Crowther from ReadiSpex

Kelley Clinkenbeard from Gray Whale Gin

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