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Extreme Sport

In this article you will be introduced to five very exciting sports, which must be accompanied by a professional or you can try it out as a professional. These activities are not suitable for people with heart disease and high blood pressure. Start your adventure, please read on.

Bungee Jumping

This activity is safe because the special material of the elastic cord can withstand heavy loads. Jumping down from the 4,000-meter cabin, when the human body falls to a certain distance from the ground, the rubber rope is pulled apart and tightened to prevent the human body from continuing to fall. When it reaches the lowest point, the rubber bounces again and the person is pulled up. Drop, repeat this many times until the elasticity of the rubber rope disappears, this is the whole process of bungee jumping.


Athletes stand on surfboards or use webs, kneeboards, inflatable rubber cushions, rowing boats, kayaks, and other water sports to control the waves. No matter what kind of equipment is used, athletes must have high skills and balance ability and must be good at swimming long distances in wind and waves.


When you jump down from the valley, unfold your parachute wings, you start to glide, and you can see many beautiful sceneries. Its greatest danger is that when the wings of the parachute cannot recover quickly, the pilot may fall at a speed of more than 100 kilometres per hour, falling between 15 and 40 meters per second, in a spiral dive.

Deep Sea Diving

The reason why this sport is called extreme sports is that we cannot judge the environment below the deep sea, such as meeting sharks, being hooked by corals, and being caught in turbulence. These environments can kill people at any time.

All in all, diving has its huge dangers, and the danger and technical difficulty are not lower than those of technical sports such as rock climbing and downhill. Call it extreme sports, which is totally reasonable.


Surfing is powered by waves and must be carried out on the beach with wind and waves. The height of the waves should be about 1 meter, and the minimum should be no less than 30 cm. The Hawaiian Islands have waves suitable for surfing all year round, especially in winter or spring, there are waves from the North Pacific Ocean. The waves are as high as 4 meters, which can enable athletes to slide more than 800 meters.

Suitable surfing areas are Hawaii, the southwest coast of France, etc.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is an extreme sport that people who love water prefer. The excitement it brings is something anyone who likes speed wants to try and surpass.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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