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4 Wonderful Books On Emotional Intelligence You Must Read To Succeed

How well do we know ourselves? Are we really in control? These 4 books on emotional intelligence is a must-have in anyone’s library.

There’s no counter-argument against the fact that being emotionally intelligent is better than being “just intelligent.” To quote the wise words of Buddha,

“A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle”

History also tells us the story of Alexander The Great, conqueror of nations who, in a fit of rage, grabbed a javelin and slew his best friend, Cleitus. Additionally, one of my principles in life is to “always keep my peace.” But apparently, this is easier said than done. Now, for those of you who seek knowledge in personal growth, here are 4 books on the topic of emotional intelligence that will significantly benefit you as well as sharpen the most effective people skill of all time.

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#1 Whose Apple is it, Anyway! by Linda F. Williams

In this book I wrote of Adam and Eve, each blamed someone or something else for the choices they made, and nobody was claiming that apple. The truth is, none of it was about the apple. What's really at the core of that fiasco went unnoticed. After years of destiny-diverting heartbreak that almost destroyed her life, career, and relationships, Williams gives real-world tools to uproot covert mindsets that keep us stuck on the wrong side of destiny's door. Research shows that emotional intelligence training is not enough. Here are the keys to empower what you learned in those trainings.

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Contributor: Linda F.Williams from Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching and Consulting 

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#2 Self-Intelligence by Jane Ransom

This is not your typical self-help book but is for people who long to transform their lives and who trust proven scientific tools, but also prefer page-turners to dry prose. Jane provides cutting-edge brain science and fascinating storytelling supplying readers with proven techniques to break through inner gridlock, sustain high performance, and achieve their dreams.

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Contributor: Todd Conly from Quarto Group

#3 Introducing Emotional Intelligence by David Walton

The book is a nice blend of theory and practical examples. Although written by a occupational psychologist, he uses real-talk to help readers understand how to control their emotions and be in tune with how the people around them. Even if readers begin to wonder what is important, he makes it easy to recall with the Remember This sections through the content. 

I believe investing in yourself leads to success, yet this hardcover book doesn't blow people's budget and can be newly purchased for under $10. I definitely remember this book when making recommendations to others and when I may need a practitioner refresher.

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Contributor: Felicia Johnson from Sevenfold Coaching

#4 Building Emotional Intelligence by Linda Lantieri

As a parent, one of your main missions is to help your children develop emotional intelligence. That’s where this book by Linda Lantieri comes in, as it gives simple ways to help your children understand people’s needs, as well as their own, and how to handle difficulties. It’s a great book not just for parents but also for other caregivers, teachers, and school counselors. It will help readers teach kids how to have more confidence, boost awareness, and develop skills of empathy and communication. It addresses the needs of various ages, so there’s something for every child.

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Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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