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Top Books for Casino Lovers

Venturous people are fond of casinos. Yet, this entertainment can be quite risky, and it is better to prepare before you enter this Canadian online casino. In this case, you can read books by professionals, and here are the most popular ones.

Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich is a well-known author and screenwriter. He used to gamble professionally. So, most of his books are dedicated to this topic.

This book is about university students who started earning money at casinos in Las Vegas. This book is based on reality, the events were really happening, and the students were playing blackjack in casinos. Yet, the author added a lot of fictional details to the book to make it more adventurous.

A film based on this book was released in 2008. A few years later, the author published another book about casinos called Busting Vegas. Yet, this book was not so successful.

Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp

This book is about how casino players can win blackjack. It was written in 1966, but it still remains relevant. Edward Thorp describes in detail how the most profitable techniques are applied in practice.

Using this book, you can quickly learn gambling with high chances without counting cards. Readers interested in mathematics, natural science, and technology will be interested to learn about innovative methods of using computer programming and probability theory.

The book is more suitable for those who are interested in blackjack. Yet, it is not just a retelling of what to do and why. It also has an engaging plot.

Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom

This book is a kind of biography written by one of the main arrangers of underground poker games in Hollywood.

This is one of the newest known books about casinos and underground games. It was released in 2017, and a movie based on it has been already filmed. This story is breathtaking, so it will be interesting to watch the movie and read the book. Gambling in Molly’s club became the activity that everyone dreamed about, but only the chosen ones were allowed. Molly built a poker empire, to become a part of which everyone dreamed.

Molly’s Game is a behind-the-scenes look at the greatest card empire of our time, and at all the dangers, money, people, victories, and defeats.

Initially, Molly Bloom was professionally engaged in skiing and even selected for the Olympics but was injured and could not continue her career. She worked as a waitress, then helped organize underground poker games. As a result, she was arrested in 2011.

1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets by Bill Burton

Bill Burton is an experienced author, specializing in many casino games and educational programs. He used to be a casino director for a long time. What’s more, he has published books on different card games. Today, Burton works as a coach of the famous Dice Touch school and as a columnist in several magazines. This is a real expert in the gambling world, knowing a lot about every game, how to play and win it.

Luck is a fickle phenomenon, but the secrets revealed in this book will help you and stay with you for a long time. If you are looking to learn how to play games that require special skills, this literature will help you. Practice at home before coming to the casino, sit at the gaming table, and risk your money.

This book will be a great help for beginners in gaming. Readers will learn about the secrets of the casino:

  • How to make a fortune in poker.
  • Strategies of the most popular casino games.
  • The highest rates in the casino.

Caro’s Book of Tells: The Body Language of Poker by Mike Caro

Mike Caro is the best Poker Draw player and also a leading expert in the field of psychological components of poker.

The book is divided into four main sections. First, Karo talks about the gestures showing gamblers’ uncertainty, then moves on to a common body language. According to Karo, experienced gamblers who control themselves can specifically provoke opponents, showing deceptive signs. To do this, Caro dedicates a large part of his book to acting skills.

All gestures are divided into separate chapters, accompanied by photos. Thanks to these materials, it becomes clear what exactly should be paid attention to, and how not to behave at the poker table.

Easy Game by Andrew Seidman

Easy Game is one of the best and most popular books on the specifics of online poker.

In this book, the author provides the basic knowledge necessary to improve and develop each poker player. Andrew Seidman states that a successful poker player must play very aggressively. He says this throughout the narrative.

Assuming that beginners can also read the book, Seidman begins with a vocabulary of terms and concepts. A detailed study of these words makes further reading much easier. Andrew admits that he is not a writer, but a player, so it is more convenient for him to communicate in a professional language full of poker slang.

Let There Be Range Cole South and Tri Nguyen

Let There Be Range is an amazing book written by two experienced poker players, Cole South and Tri Nguyen.

The book is not intended for beginners. It is quite serious and contains some unique information. Let There Be Range is an unprecedented study and a whole theory dedicated to how to read other players’ cards.

The book is filled with charts, graphs, and exercises, as well as real examples and proofs of theory. The authors specifically point out that the book was written for players who tend to play at high stakes. In other words, it is suitable for those who choose serious and complex poker.

All in all, these are the most popular books about casinos that will attract amateurs and professionals. They will allow everyone to learn the hidden features of the game, secret methods used by professionals, and interesting theories, without risking their own money.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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