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4 Books To Read To Educate Yourself

So you want to educate yourself. Here are 4 books that will broaden your understanding of the world.

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#1 I by Waeil Borhan

As a fellow reader I know that there are countless books available out there on the subject of education, however no book does a better job of educating the reader about oneself than I by Waeil Borhan. It discusses how to figure out one's purpose in life through reflection and guidance from the author. 

The author steps in various times throughout the book to remind the reader that it is okay to ask questions, because only through question can a person figure out who they really are and what sets them apart from the crowd. The novel also dissects other areas of self-experience such as the ego, paradigms, humanity and a person's relationship with God.

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Contributor: Amy Hernandez from Amy Levy Public Relations

#2 The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

If you want to make yourself smarter when it comes to making decisions, get this book by Rolf Dobelli. It covers almost a hundred common errors in thinking, using realistic situations as well as entertaining anecdotes to engage and teach readers. And by teaching you how to recognize errors in thinking and act on them, you can make your life both simpler and better.

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Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#3 Who Do I Want To Become by Rumeet Billan

Dr. Rumeet Billan which focuses on “who” versus “what” children want to be when they grow up – a refreshing new take on a question asked time and time again. She invites children to discover something wonderful about themselves that has nothing to do with WHAT they want to be and everything to do with WHO they are and who they want to BECOME. The book drives home the important message that ultimately, it’s who you are that matters the most.

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Contributor: Megan Mahoney from Harrow Communications Inc

#4 Zero to One by Peter Thiel

While everyone asks you to filter your dreams through the same old funnel of practices and traditional knowledge, this book offers a completely new and counter-intuitive approach to how innovation has to take birth from oblivion and nothingness. Gained from his experience in setting up PayPal and Palantir as well as investing in Facebook during the initial stages, the authors want individuals to question the conventional norms to get ideas which stand different and preposterous. 

The book offers thought-provoking insights and groundbreaking directions of aligning your mind to think differently which sticks to you long after you have read it, irrespective of whether or not you plan to set up a business in the future. I believe everyone- in whatever career they might be or whatever their beliefs are- will gain an immense depth about what it takes to go from 0 to 1 which happens to be the most difficult step. It makes all the difference between thinking of playing the guitar and actually joining a class to play or thinking of owning a business and actually incubating an idea.

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Contributor: Ketan Kapoor from Mettl

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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