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Summery Reads To Tide You Over Until You Can Travel Again

The time has never been riper for bibliophiles to extract every nuance from juicy novels and intriguing angles than right now. COVID-19 escapism is not just a fad, it’s a way of life and books are at the center of it. The book market is known for its  upward trends during economic downturns. Escapism allows readers that glimmer of a daydream of when they will once again be jet setters, summer vacationers, and adventurers, and  there are some books that do this very well.

Far Off Places Set The Tone For Summer Flings

It’s inevitable that somewhere in the list of must-reads, is that potential romantic interest that you may have been too afraid to pursue on home ground. In Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan,  Ava is faced with a romantic triangle that causes her to reflect on who she is and wants for the next step in her journey. Her love interests are worlds apart and both present Ava with unprecedented risk. Will she opt for the stayed and reserved Julian or the exciting and breathtaking Edith? This page-turner keeps the reader captivated as they journey along on this eccentric ride.

Screen Adaptations For Scintillating Book And TV Combos 

Normal People by Sally Rooney is unmistakably romantic and  written for balmy summer evenings in a hammock. It allows the reader to be swept up in romantic nuances of first love with slight touches of forbidden and unrequited love. The book takes readers on a journey of self-discovery as they question whether they, too, would follow the same steps as lovers Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan.  For avid fans, the BBC has released a screen adaptation.

Child Heroes All Grown Up

We all know the story: child is sacrificed or chosen to redeem the people and against all odds, manages to clinch a victory despite heavy opposition from adults. Veronica Roth is known for her dystopian tales with the youth as the heroes and heroines of the stories, but very little is said about when the evil despot is dethroned.  In her novel Chosen Ones, life after victory is revealed and readers have a glimpse of how the new rulers rectify old wrongs.

A healthy mix of summer reading should include a little bit of romance and thought-provoking noir fiction. Add a dash of dystopian rebellion and escapism becomes a great temporary fix for those longing for travel.  

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