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The Benefits of Selling Diamonds Online

Everything nowadays is online. So, selling diamonds and jewellery online is also now a popular and viable option for many looking to part ways with their pre-loved jewellery pieces. However, not everyone is aware of selling diamonds online nor is everyone aware of the many advantages it can bring.

Keep reading to find out why selling diamonds online is now the preferred option, and what benefits it can bring sellers.

Is It Safe to Sell Diamonds Online?

Yes, it is completely safe to sell diamonds or other types of jewellery online nowadays. However, some sellers may fall prey to possible scammers or buyers that won’t give them a fair price for their diamonds. Therefore, you should always research the company you are selling to beforehand alongside their credentials.

Do People Buy Diamonds Online?

Selling diamonds online is now more popular than ever. Those looking to sell my engagement ring online can either create their own online advertisements, such as through platforms like eBay, or they can opt for diamond expert buying companies online.

Both options provide flexibility to sellers. So, if you have a busy schedule or don’t live near an expert diamond buying company you can take advantage of online selling platforms from your own home. For example, Leiser & Co, a 3rd generation diamond dealer who specializes in the buying and selling of diamonds, with their head office in Hatton Garden, London. 

Much like other products and services, ranging from IT support services (find out more) to homeware products, the acceleration to moving online has meant that buying and selling diamonds and other high value items online continues to increase in popularity.

What Are the Benefits to Selling Diamonds Online?

Selling diamonds online, unlike in-person selling options, means customers will be able to take advantage of several aspects of the process. The benefits to selling online are:


Online diamond expert buyers allow customers to sell their diamonds from the comfort of their own homes. There’s no need to venture far, as online selling now means people can sell quickly and instantly from any device – a laptop, phone or even desktop. It also means you’ll save lots of time avoiding traffic queues and waiting lines!

Expert Employees

In comparison to pawnshops or local high-street jewellery shops, online diamond buyers are experts in the trade. This means sellers can have peace of mind that not only will their diamonds be taken care of properly, but they will also be given a fair and approximate market value.

Approximate Values

Leading on from the previous point, online diamond expert buyers also are trained and highly-knowledgeable within the field of selling and buying diamonds. Whether you’re looking to sell a diamond watch, diamond engagement ring or perhaps a diamond pendant necklace, whatever type of diamond it is, online buyers will know their proper value.

Using the latest technology and years of experience in the field, online buyers nowadays can provide approximate values for diamonds. This way, you’ll get the highest possible price compared to other selling options like auctions, pawn shops or through your own online advertisement.

Secure Process

Most online selling methods use prepaid for postal services. This way, customers can also be rest assured that their pre-loved diamonds are securely and safely sent via mail. Reputable online diamond buyers will also fully insure your diamonds, if, in the rare case something goes wrong.

Instant Cash

Online selling also means you will receive your money for your diamonds as quickly as possible. Unlike auctions or pawn shops which take a cut of the price given for profit, and also take time to give you your money, online selling means you’ll get your money as quickly as possible.

Once you have been given a quote and proceed with the offer, the diamond expert buyer will then give you the money as quickly as possible. Often on the same day, or next working day at the latest, via bank transfer. Your money is therefore made fast, and sent securely online.

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