5 Superfoods For 2018: What Does The Future Hold?

Your body is a temple.


With 2018 just around the corner are you ready to stock your cupboards with the most recent superfoods to keep you going through the colder months? Recent investigations have shown that 57% of people surveyed worldwide are looking to expand their diets, incorporating more natural and fresh fruit into their daily meals. Luckily for this large percentage, many of the superfoods tipped for 2018 fall into this category. But don’t think of lumpy green soup or cold vegetable smoothies, there are some surprises that are very pleasing!

Whether you are looking to be more health conscious and choose organic foods, or you simply wish to lose a few extra pounds, this may be the year you adopt the superfood trend and find it beneficial and delicious.  

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#1 Peas

Very under rated and often found in a bag at the back of the freezer, peas are filled with vitamins and minerals. Environmentally friendly, they are extremely low in fat and have a number of health benefits. From preventing wrinkles, arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s, it is even suggested by some researchers that peas could help prevent stomach cancer. Do not underestimate this small but powerful vegetable! 

#2 Hemp

Coming from the same species as the cannabis plant, but without the same affects, hemp has amazing health and beauty benefits. Filled with omegas 3 and 6, the fatty acids in hemp seeds and oils can be used to help those with skin conditions such as eczema. When ingested it can reduced the symptoms of PMS and the menopause, and most impressively has been known to reduce inflammation and could reduce the risk of heart disease. 

#3 Mushrooms

A great source of iron and vitamin D, mushrooms help boost your immune system and are a great source of antioxidants. For those looking to lose weight in 2018, mushrooms help speed up your metabolism, helping you burn fat. We advise Tom Kerridge’s book as it is hot property for 2018! High in selenium, the chemical which has been recommended to women to help prevent the risk of bladder cancer, the wide variety of mushrooms available mean you are sure to find one type that suits you. Already a firm favorite in the Paleo diet, mushrooms can be used in a variety of recipes and plans.   

#4 Pink Pineapples

A genetically engineered food, pink pineapples are simply pineapples that have had their genes played with in order to make them a gorgeous rich hue. The benefits of eating them are the same as regular pineapples, preventing cancer and treating arthritis, boosting your immune system and improving your eyesight. The list goes on. Pineapples are back in style and predicted to be extremely popular in 2018 simply because of their new color!

#5 Cacao

The natural raw form of cocoa, this Amazonian superfood is incredibly high in antioxidants, boasting 20 times more than blueberries and nearly more than 120 times more than bananas. For everyday benefits this amazing food can cheer you up as it contains anandamide (a natural mood enhancer), it’s an aphrodisiac, known to balance mood swings and prevents premature aging. As if this food couldn’t get any better, along with protecting your heart and preventing blood clots it could also help you shed fat! This healthy and tasty food is sure to be a hit in 2018.

With the new superfoods of 2018 sounding delicious it is simple to see these foods are set to be popular next year. Many are easily available and well-priced, the superfoods market is open to anyone who wishes to make a positive change to their dietary habits. So for whatever reason you are looking to change your diet, these superfoods could be the start of an improved and healthier you. 

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Written by Trevor Twohig

Freelance writer from London. I enjoy writing sports, music and self-help articles primarily. My first novel ‘Sunny Sands’ will be released in 2018.

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