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4 Heartbreakingly Sad Books To Cry Over

Do you feel like inflicting unnecessary sadness on yourself? Well here are 4 books that will do just that.

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#1 The Darkness Within by Michele Gmitrowski

The Darkness Within by Michele Gmitrowski This memoirs covers a life plagued by clinical depression, PTSD, failed institutions, death, bullying, and abuse. Through it all, Michele keeps struggling to find redemption in forgiveness and love.

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Contributor: Maggie Allen from Inkwater

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  1. Many of my friends and family have upvoted, I am wondering why it does not show up. I only see +2 and I know there are more votes?

  2. It’s not necessarily “inflicting unnecessary sadness”, I hope my book gives hope to those who are or have gone through the same as I have.


#3 Working My Way Back to Me by April Kirkwood

This is a cinematic book that lays out in harsh technicolor all that is fake, brutal and life-snuffing about American culture. Celebrity worship, spousal abuse, sexual abuse, adultery, false religiosity, and innocence interrupted all converge into a roiling brew that boils over into one heck of a story you can't put down. A must-read in this #MeToo movement we are experiencing. -Judith Valente, senior correspondent at WGLT Radio, the NPR affiliate in central Illinois, and former correspondent for PBS-TV, Wall Street Journal, and Chicago Public Radio.

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Contributor: April Kirkwood from April Kirkwood

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