You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham (4/40)

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For any 30-year-old male — whether it’s the one who just got a raise, is moving to a new city for a job, or found out his wife is pregnant again — You Need A Budget offers the four basic principles of budgeting. Readers have learned how to sidestep saving for their kids’ college funds (and still send them to college), get out of living paycheck to paycheck (or worse, get out of debt), and amass serious wealth. Mecham, a dad of six, has been heavily profiled for his novel approach to budgeting and his compatible software that goes along with the book ( 

Quote: This is the difference between dreaming about a better life and actually creating one. The beauty of a (good budget): it lets you see exactly how your spending affects the rest of your life. 

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Contributor: Jesse Mecham from You Need a Budget (YNAB) 

Written by Taegan Lion

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