Working Mother’s Mentor (7/32)

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We go behind the curtain in the lives of high profile leaders. We discuss concrete advice and robust strategies for success in business and career, while integrating it all with family life. The guests represent a great diversity of backgrounds and industries. Guests to date have included the CFO of Square (who was recently named to the Wal-Mart board), the Executive Producer & Showrunner for Marvel’s Luke Cage, the Head of Brand for the Walt Disney Company, the former Chief Content Officer for Deloitte, the COO of Habitat for Humanity, the founder and CEO of the largest marketplace for career information for women, and the Founder of the #1 Parenting Channel on Youtube, just to name a few. We’ve interviewed NYT best-selling authors, CEO’s of many companies and organizations, and senior executives from Google, Facebook, the Boston Consulting Group, McCormick & Company (Head of strategy who was recently named to the Energizer board), and Dropbox. The podcast also highlights entrepreneurs and interviews have included 7 figure business creators, Silicon Valley start-ups that have raised tens of millions of dollars as well as teaching episodes on topics of interest to business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Contributors: Julie Finn from The Working Mother’s Mentor

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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