Video Doorbell (2/2)

Ring Smart Video Doorbell

In these days and ages, this product is a must if you want to keep yourself and your family safe from home invasions or just want to avoid opening the door to those obnoxious religious zealots or your nosey next door neighbors.

This video doorbell gives you the ability to see and speak with (or ignore and record) whoever is at the door without actually being on the premises.

It is also a very useful tool to monitor who has been at your doorstep especially in neighborhoods such as mine where package theft is a daily occurrence.

This elegantly designed HD video doorbell hooks into your existing wiring and lets you see and interact with whoever is at the door from your pc, cellphone or tablet.

It also features a remote live view of your property while you are away. The picture quality is crystal clear days and nights thanks to its infrared technology. It runs on a Lithium battery and is fairly easy to install.

This is a terrific gift to give your aging parents or your girlfriend (Valentine’s day is coming) to show them how much you care about their safety and well being.

For more information about this must have product, click on the link below.

Written by Beatrice

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