Trying To Determine Whether HARO Is Worth The Time And Effort (23/40)

I’m a professor of finance at Gordon College and also the Director for the school’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program.

I started in this role 6 months ago. I joined to launch the master’s program. So I’ve been using HARO to increase my visibility and raise awareness of the master’s program. I’ve found mixed results – wonderful publicity with leading publications like Forbes, US News & World Report, TheStreet etc but that resulted from a myriad of submissions. I’m trying to determine whether HARO is worth the time and effort.

Background – I moved into education after 4.5 years working on Wall Street (as a COO at JPMorgan in New York).

I decided to trade in the corporate world to be an entrepreneur. Anyone can start a company. I decided to change an industry. Specifically, I moved to academia to help a small college build a huge new business.

I’m basically running my own business, as an entrepreneur — trying to make it successful. Gordon recently launched a brand new one-year master’s in financial analysis. I’m leading (and teaching) the program. The goal is to disrupt the MBA industry.

Business school is a daunting proposition – two years of lost wages combined with ~$200,000 in debt. Yikes. Knowing all that (especially from my experience as a Wharton MBA) I joined Gordon College to launch an innovative one-year master’s program. We’re turning the MBA model on its head.

Ours is a one-year accelerated masters. Tuition ~$30,000. So only one year of lost earnings, significantly less debt, and you’re moving into a lucrative career field. Seems a much better model to me.

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