Travel internationally, alone! (9/28)

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Travelling alone is the epitome of combatting said fear. By the time I turned 21 – I had already lived in 6 different addresses in 3 countries and 2 different continents. 

Nothing is lonelier than being the new kid in school/ the neighborhood and the country. 

However, it does have its perks, like: it drives you to initiate conversations, tantalize your taste buds, see the extraordinary (which turns out to be pretty ordinary to the locals), explore the territory, get in trouble in said territory – which later makes for a really funny story! 

Being in the charted unfamiliar enhances all 5 of your senses. You are much more aware of your surroundings. You notice the different sounds, you notice the colorful lights, you notice a remarkable statue you’ve made as your personal landmark, you are enthralled, you are joyful, you are breathing, you are alive, you are exhilarated, you are gracious, you are in the moment…and so, what were you lonely about again? 

Contributors: Micaela Heights from The MindShift Catalyst LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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