Take Action: Sitting in fear causes it to grow (10/28)

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Giving in to fear can stop us from living authentic lives and taking the opportunities that come to us. Living in fear will prevent us from moving out of our comfort zones and taking steps in order to change our lives for the better. One of the most powerful things we can do in life is master our fear. What we are afraid of is never as bad as we imagine. When we let fear build up in our mind it always seems worse than the situation actually is.

Fear keeps us from making the decisions we know we need to make in order for our circumstances to be different. It is fear that causes us to turn a simple decision into a complicated issue. We fear the pain that may result from our decision. We fear what life will be like after we have made the decision. We fear that the quality of our lives will be affected if we make the wrong decision. However, there is no wrong decision. There is simply the best choice we can make at the time. And if that choice does not get us to where we want to be, we can simply make another one.

Contributors: Skye McKenzie from Rechart Your Course

Written by Ben Skute

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