Tips To Declutter Your Space (3/4)

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We don’t always realize how significant our clutter is until it fully takes over our lives. It’s truly frustrating to feel like your home is caving in on you, things are lost and you’re stressed from trying to manage it. At this point, we finally realize the amount of stuff we’ve accrued and how disorganized our home really is. There are two main types of clutter, the typical clutter that covers countertops and fills closets and drawers, and the organized clutter, neatly stored but filling every orifice of your home and you have no idea what you really have. Either way, your home is cluttered and making organization and clean-up more difficult. The good news is with some hard work and determination, you can declutter your home and keep it that way.

Before you start the decluttering process, it’s important to shift yourfocus on living more simply. Remind yourself often that life is so muchmore than the material items you collect. Many times we buy stuff to fill a void or for instant happiness. But the void is not filled and that burst ofhappiness passes quickly. The more we collect stuff, the more space we need to store the stuff and the more attention it takes away from the important things, whether that’s family, friends or a hobby. A cluttered life full of stuff is actually very stressful. Here are a few tips to help you get going on the path to decluttering.

5 Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Small Space 

– Keep a Donate and Sell Box Handy

– Limit Keepsake Items

– The Importance of Clean Counters

– Tackle One Room at a Time

– The “Maybe” Box, Sometimes we’re just not ready to part with certainthings For these occasions, stick a maybe box in a tuckedaway place and remove items you’re unsure about tossing or donating and deposit into this box. Think on it for a length of time and decide if you’re fully prepared to live without this item.

It seems that every year of life we accumulate more and more stuff. It just gradually happens. Make time at least once per year to declutter your space. The “one-year” rule can help. Look around your home, have you used each item at least once within the last year? If not, it might be time to sell or donate that item to charity. Decluttering your life can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. You’ll be amazed at the mental impact that too much stuff can have on your emotional well being. With less clutter, you’ll find that your intended home design ideas through so much brighter. For More home design trends and ideas check out Modern Castle.

Contributor: Marty Basher

Company: Modular Closets

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