The Magic of Crystals and Gems By Cerridwen Greenleaf (5/32)

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This book helps the individual unlock the supernatural power found in crystals and gems. Whether the reader is practicing practical magic or simply wants to know about crystals and gems, this is the book for them. The Magic of Crystals and Gems explores the hundreds of secrets of semi-precious stones and gems have long been known for their magic as well as their beauty. 

Readers learn everything there is to know about the powers of crystals from birthstone magic to gem divination to jewelry spells. This is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening book that will appeal to everyone who’s ever worn a birthstone, kissed the ring of a lover for luck, or bought a crystal for good energy. The book is also filled with how-to’s of how crystal balls work, scrying with obsidian, crystal astrology, divination, healing, psychism and connections between the stars in the sky and gems of the earth. 

This one-of-a-kind work on the power of crystals belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in the magical gifts of Mother Nature. 

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Contributor: Cerridwen Greenleaf from Mango Publishing

Written by Taegan Lion

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