The Great Gatsby T-Shirt (1/6)

Paying homage to the 1925 novel by Scott Fitzgerald, this t-shirt is the epitome of the jazz and swing of 1920s America. The story of the enigmatic and slightly mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, Fitzgerald’s novel has spawned one of the most critically and commercially adored films ever when Leonardo Di Caprio took to Gatsby’s character in 2013. Encapsulating idealism, challenges of changing and the scrutiny of the American Dream, it is a story that is as engrossing as it is very relatable. 

This design features all the hallmarks of a 1920s piece of clothing, providing any fan of the story with a real piece of authentic history to it. Available in a vast variety of colours, designs and sizes, it is the perfect way of showing off your admiration towards both Fitzgerald’s story, and the whole era of the swinging twenties as a whole. 

Written by James Metcalfe


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  1. These are some really cool literary shirts! Perhaps the Fupping team needs a branded literary T-shirt!

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