FIGHT CLUB Inspiration (2/6)

Designed by the Bathroom Wall T-Shirts company, this shirt pays homage to Chuck Palahniuk’s novel that became a infamous and global hit through the Fight Club movie. The anti-globalist and consumerist message of the film is brilliantly executed in the layout and design of the shirt, relaying the rules and ideals of Project Mayhem right across the fabric. Complete with the trademark and iconic smiley face, the contrast of red and yellow against black really ties together a striking and memorable piece of clothing. 

Available in five different forms, four different colours and eight different sizes from small to XXXXX-large, the make up of the shirt is as durable as it is comfortable. Guaranteed for a high quality deliverance, it is the perfect shirt to wear in a consumer-heavy, conglomerate world.  

Written by James Metcalfe

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