The Estates (56/57)

Designed by Klaus Zoch, this city-building game of auctions is for 2 to 5 players and plays in about 40 minutes. Players will hold auctions for the various building pieces in an effort to build The Estates – the city’s new, upscale development – in a manner that benefits them the most.

The active player will select one of the many wooden building pieces—Floor cube, Rooftop, Building Permit, Mayor, or Cancel cube—and hold an auction for it. Each of the other players may bid once for the chosen building piece or pass. Once the highest bidder is determined, the auctioneer has two options:

A. The auctioneer gives the chosen piece to the highest bidder who then pays their bid to the auctioneer


B. The auctioneer keeps the chosen piece and pays the highest bid to the highest bidder

The player who purchased the building piece must then place it in The Estates. The game ends as soon as 2 rows of buildings are completed or if it is impossible to complete any more buildings. Players will then earn positive or negative points based on where their building is located within The Estates.

Written by Clay Ross

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