Tesco’s Finest South African Shiraz £5.50 (1/2)

Tesco’s Finest South African Shiraz is a spicy and medium bodied wine made from the grapes of the Breede Valley in South Africa. I enjoyed the wine very much, there are tastes of berry, mint, nutmeg, and chocolate which work well together to create an enjoyable drinking experience.

Written by Liam Langan


My name is Liam and I am a 2nd year BA (HONS) Creative Writing student at Falmouth University. I am English Japanese and fluent in both languages having lived in Tokyo for 10 years.

My favourite authors include Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I am also passionate about music and enjoy all sorts of genres, my favourites being rock n' roll, jazz, house, funk, and city pop.

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