Sunblot Adult Coloring Book (19/20)

Sunblot Adult Coloring Book

Sunblot is a 38 page coloring book featuring elaborate black & white inked illustrations fashioned to unwind and spark creativity. This coloring book is the result of a collection of detailed abstract art that is perfect for engaging the mind while relaxing and coloring. The pages are set up to increase in difficulty and features 35 illustrations as well as 3 example pages colored by the creator.

You can choose to pledge as little as $2, but the rewards begin at the low price of $15. When you pledge that $15, you receive two signed prints and four postcards of your choosing. If you want the actual coloring book, pledge only $20- far below the typical commercial sale value of adult coloring books. The rewards only increase from here: pledge $30 and receive the coloring book, two prints, and four postcards! You also have options to get even more rewards when you pledge $45, $60, or $100!

Funding will go towards printing, shipping, time, and associated costs.

I appreciate all backers and cannot wait to make this dream a reality.

Click on over to the Sunblot Coloring Book Kickstarter page to view more details, see examples of both colored and black and white pages, meet the artist, and hopefully pledge a few bucks! See you there!

Written by James Fiser

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