Make 100 with Kyle Bryant and Kickstarter. (18/20)

Make 100 with Kyle Bryant and Kickstarter.

To kickstart the year 2018, I am accepting Kickstarters to challenge to make 100 handmade carvings. You may know me as a woodblock printmaker, but this year you have the chance to own a custom-made wood block, this is your chance! Follow the link below to learn more about the project!

For years I have been carving woodblocks for my own personal work printmaking work and loving the work that I do. Recently people have begun asking me if they can buy the actual woodblocks that I carve.When Kickstarter launched the Make 100 campaign I thought it would be a great opportunity to open my artistic practice up to handmade commissioned woodcarvings. So that’s what I’m doing.With Make 100 I am offering to do 100 hand carved images of whatever you can come up with. If you have a dog that you love, send me a picture and I’ll carve it. Do you love old corvettes? Send me a picture of one and I’ll carve it. Maybe you want one of your kids drawings carved out of wood. I would love to do that for you!Whatever it is that you can think of, I can do. So check out my Make 100 kickstarter HERE, and lets get to work!

Written by kyle bryant

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