Steal the Show by Michael Port (25/27)

As a professional speaker and public relations expert, I highly recommend Steal the Show by Michael Port. Today almost everyone that we work with in terms of marketing, positioning, personal branding, business development and media relations asks us for assistance in becoming a better public speaking and presenter. These skills have become even more critical for success in business than ever before with the rise of video. 

Being able to successfully and effectively communicate when presenting and speaking creates a competitive advantage and strengthens an individual’s personal brand. There are steps that need to be taken, practice and a process that should be followed to sharpen these skills. In Michael Port’s Steal The Show he outlines magnificently the process, tactics, and approaches to take. He covers how to overcome fears and other challenges that are important to giving exceptional talks, speeches and presentations. Anyone looking to enhance their skills or build a solid foundation for effective speaking should read this book at least once if not every year. 

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