SirMixABot Robotic Bartender for the Drinker Tinkerer (20/29)

Alcoholic Drinks and dispenser

The SirMixABot “Mega” kit comes with everything you need (aside from alcohol of course) to assemble and run your own automated bar.  Simple hand tools such as a screwdriver, alan key, and pliers are all you’ll need to put the pieces together.

The automated bar runs on an included wifi board, so you can connect through wireless via smartphone, tablet, or computer.  With 10 slots available the drink list is practically endless, with 1,000+ cocktail combinations available depending on your ingredients.  See a video of SirMixABot in action!

Please visit or see product details on our order page.  Support a new SF based venture that is working hard to deliver you the best home robotic bar in the world – Cheers!

Written by SirMixABot

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