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Forget about detail and eloquence, an effective Tinder profile is one that’s fit for the purpose. This means understanding how people use Tinder and what they’re looking for. At their core, dating apps are very superficial. Users want to see someone they find attractive and appealing. This means choosing photos that show off your personality while keeping the text to a minimum. Because this is a rapid-fire process for most, it needs to be succinct.

Fill the maximum character count in your bio and you can bet nobody is reading it. Instead, you’re better off highlighting key points about you and working in some humour. There’s no specific word count but the text in your bio should be short enough to skim. Very brief bullet points are generally better than blocks of text. All in all, the challenge is being interesting while keeping things brief enough for someone to read. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Contributors: James Anderson from Beyondages

Written by Ben Skute

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