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What Should Be In Your Tinder Profile? (For Men)

The world of dating is hard, let’s not sugar coat it. Before you go running around sweeping girls off their feet you’ll need to create a tinder profile that can kill. We reached out to leading experts to get their advice on what should be in your tinder bio.

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#1 Kids

While having kids might not be a deal break when it comes to meeting someone on Tinder, it is better to be honest about it and upfront. Kids aren’t going away, and if she finds out you have kids she will either wonder what else you lied about or figure you are a bad dad and she will not want to be with you because you forgot you had children or don’t take care of them. 

Contributors: Andrew Selepak from ASelepak

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#2 Nail your photos

Tinder is all visually based so it's shocking that men don't take the time to put up better pictures. Your first photo has to be your best one. It's the hook to check out more. If that photo isn't great, your other photos and bio are irrelevant. You should also be solo, headshot style. No one is going to take the time to guess who you are in the group. The next photo should be an activity photo. Somethin where you're showing off a particular skill or hobby. Bonus point for doing something athletic. Lastly, include a photo of you being social, having fun with other people. Women need to know you're a regular guy that others can stand to be around. If you only have solo photos, it might give off a serial killer vibe. 

Contributors: Patrick Kenger from PIVOT

#3 A unique bio

Briefly explain your likes and dislikes, what you do for a living, hobbies and passions, and other general information. If you are comfortable enough, you may include your name. Add something quirky about yourself, such as eating Thai food every Thursday or being a proud pet parent to three happy dogs. Avoid sharing specifics, as well as linking social media accounts to your bio. One downfall to online dating are the scammers and fake accounts seeking unsuspecting users to steal personal and financial information from.

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from PeopleLooker

#4 Make the ladies laugh

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The number one must-have in a partner according to 77% of women is a sense of humour. Women love funny guys, so lead with a joke and make sure it’s tasteful and for a general audience. It will definitely work in your favor to start things off with a smile. 

Contributors: Margaux Cassuto from ThreeMatches

#6 Short, simple and entertaining

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Forget about detail and eloquence, an effective Tinder profile is one that’s fit for the purpose. This means understanding how people use Tinder and what they’re looking for. At their core, dating apps are very superficial. Users want to see someone they find attractive and appealing. This means choosing photos that show off your personality while keeping the text to a minimum. Because this is a rapid-fire process for most, it needs to be succinct.

Fill the maximum character count in your bio and you can bet nobody is reading it. Instead, you’re better off highlighting key points about you and working in some humour. There’s no specific word count but the text in your bio should be short enough to skim. Very brief bullet points are generally better than blocks of text. All in all, the challenge is being interesting while keeping things brief enough for someone to read. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Contributors: James Anderson from Beyondages

#7 Height

People use Tinder for different things, but for women looking for a relationship that will last more than an evening or two, they want to find a male who they won’t have to always wear flats around and won’t tower over on the first date. So it is important for men to include their height. Height could be a deal breaker and it is better to figure that out while swiping then to see her disappointment the first time you meet. It might also get you a right swipe if you are tall enough because maybe she wants varsity athletes for kids.

Contributors: Andrew Selepak from ASelepak

#8 A description of relationship wants and goals

Perhaps you are seeking a more serious relationship but only receive requests from women who are looking for short flings. Or maybe you land a date, but the person has completely different wants and expectations; thus, you decide one (or two) dates is enough. Along with a general bio, men should include one or two sentences explaining their relationship goals. Whether it be something light and fun or serious and long-lasting, this will act as a deterrent for potentially bad matches and help you find the right person for a first date.

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from PeopleLooker

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Written by Ben Skute

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