Shoe obsessed? Walk on a cloud in day-to-night luxury by FSP (15/26)

Femmes Sans Peur [FSP] translates to “Fearless Women.” We are bringing globally inspired bold creations to the designer shoe market without sacrificing comfort for style. Our collection fills the void of accessible luxury fashion, hitting on trends while maintaining the brands identity. For FSP, inspiration is everywhere. With a variety of silhouettes featuring elements drawn from art history, FSP pairs embroidery from India and luxury leathers from Italy, with custom heels and key comfort components built into every shoe. Each outsole is adorned with our signature metal lotus flower ornament, allowing you to experience divine beauty and awaken your soles with every step!

For us, it was important to have a name that would resonate with every woman that wore our shoes. We have always had an affinity for all things French. Their impressionist art, elegant cuisine, and chic fashion. When we saw that Femmes Sans Peur could be an easily remembered acronym, as FSP, a company was born. The translation embodied everything we wanted our shoe lover to be, a fearless woman!

The FSP woman is not afraid to take risks and laugh at herself. She is beautiful inside and out. A lover of shoes and accessories, our bold styles will excite her senses, boost her confidence and make her fearless!

Written by Femmes Sans Peur

Walk on a cloud with day-to-night luxury. We are so proud to announce the start of our Kickstarter campaign, offering four essential styles from our "Opulent Nature Collection". Check us out and tell the other powerful women in your life who need a new sole mate! This exclusive launch allows you to grab our styles at early bird pricing before they hit the market. FSP is here to disrupt the luxury footwear landscape and we are just getting started. Through this campaign, our VIP Insiders will be there for this incredible journey from the beginning. 
To everyone that has worked closely with us for the last two years, a huge thank you! We are here because of you. 🙏🏼❤️
Are you ready to walk on a cloud and awaken your soles?!

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