Share Business Blogs That Offer Advice (4/14)

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Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn’s atmosphere is professional, meaning you want to post professional content. As a small business, it would benefit your company to post content that offers expert advice on your specific field. To develop this content, you may consider hiring a freelance writer or in-house content writer to write blogs for your website.

From there you and the writer can brainstorm ideas on the advice your business can offer. Once you’ve started posting blogs on your business website, then you can start sharing them on LinkedIn. For those who are following or connected to your business, your posts will appear at the top of their news feed.

LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook, so if your business’s followers aren’t connected to many different businesses, your content will be one of the first to appear on their feed. If they find the post helpful in any way, they can like it or share it with their connections. Either way, their activity will appear on their followers’ feed, so the content is spread through a variety of networks and drives more traffic to your business.

Contributors: Jenna Salerno from USB Memory Direct

Written by Zak Parker

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