Selling Dead People’s Things (10/40)

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While digging deep into the basements, attics, and souls of the most interesting collectors imaginable, traveling from one odd house call to the curious next, resale predicaments will confound your every turn. Be careful where you step, watch what you touch, and gird your heart—Antiques Roadshow, this ain’t 

  • A kind and compassionate exploration about your treasured possessions and their ultimate destinies 
  • Recipient of 200+ NetGalley/Goodreads/Amazon Reviews (4.75 Stars) 
  • Glowing book blurbs from interior designers Nate Berkus & Thomas O’Brien, industry notables and other celebrities 
  • Excerpted in The New York Times 
  • The perfect gift for the high-end hoarder in your life 

Contributor: Duane Scott Cerny from Broadway Antiques Market

Written by Ben Skute

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