Screaming Martyr Luxury Leather Goods & Apparel (14/18)

Screaming Martyr Luxury Leather Goods & Apparel

Hello. We’re Screaming Martyr.

We’re a retail brand that has just set out on a very exciting journey and we’d like you to come with us. We’re a warrior brand, a visually captivating marque, built using years of insight and experience in branding, design and advertising for other successful retail brands around the world.

Screaming Martyr is a brand that we’d like to introduce you to. Hello.

Here it is, our first collection: #RebelAngel is a limited edition of really well conceived, designed and produced leather goods and apparel for every body. Really, for everybody. All of our bags and wallets are gender neutral.

Having spent the last two and a bit years travelling back and forth between Ireland and East Africa consulting with advertising and branding agencies, we’ve been inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that we discovered there. During our travels we met people from all over the world and some of these people are now part of our brand supply chain.

Screaming Martyr is not just about leather goods. We’re also developing a range of clothing which will be available soon and just like our leather goods, we are sourcing our fabrics and garments from suppliers that absolutely guarantee:

No use of child labourNo use of forced labourSafe and healthy working conditionsLegal labour contractsPayment of living wageFreedom of association and the right to collective bargainingNo discrimination against employeesNo excessive hours of work

We are creating really high quality goods that are surprisingly affordable. We’d love you to own one (or two) and be part of our story.

We are keeping this collection small for now so that we can realistically manage the capacity. We are in a position to add rewards with a later delivery date should the demand require it. We have a fantastic supply chain who are incredibly supportive and believe in the Screaming Martyr brand as much as we do and are willing to go that extra mile to get this off the ground with us.

This is where you guys come in. The funding will help us go into production and get our eCommerce business up and running. The site has already been built and tested over the last few months and is close to completion. Just waiting to stock it now!

Our strong belief in opportunity extends to our pledges. We want to give everybody the opportunity to be part of this brands growth. You can pledge anything from €1 because we know every cent, penny, dollar, euro, pound, whatever your currency is, counts and we are extremely grateful for your backing and support. All backers will also receive a code for use in our online store.

Our customers are our brand ambassadors and from time to time we will be using influencers to promote our brand and products. If you think that might be you, we want to meet you. We’re all about promoting opportunity and growth in the economies in which we are working.

If there is anything you want to know, ask us. We see this process as a valuable source to measure how people see our brand. It will give us great insight that we will use to improve and constantly evolve so that the customer experience is as best as it can be. We love great customer service and we want great customer service to be an integral part of our brand identity.


Written by Screaming Martyr

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