Sales Isn’t For Everyone (7/18)

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“Ken, you probably shouldn’t be in sales at all”, said Bob V. as he rushed me out the door, firing me. I despised him for that and for other reasons. But over time his words sunk in.

Although sales is a wonderful occupation for those who have the drive to connect customers with a company’s products or services, it was not at all for me–regardless of all the training and self-study I underwent. Bob’s cold words made me take inventory of myself and discover who I really am and want to do. And so I took a job in a Public Relations agency and learned the craft. Fifteen years and millions of dollars later, I am still telling the world other people’s stories–not selling wares in which I do not believe.

Contributor: Ken Kilpatrick, President of Sylvia Marketing & Public Relations at

Written by James Metcalfe

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