Remember Your Self-worth First! (5/12)

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Regardless of why your partner broke the relationship off, now’s the time to remember who you are and value your self-worth. This is a mental battle with yourself. Will you spend more time putting yourself down or building yourself up for the next partner — a better partner who will appreciate you and your attributes! Listen to your inner self-talk and catch any insecurities, doubts and fears about the future. Start listing your positive qualities and what makes you a good partner. Be that person. Believe in yourself. It will be much easier getting over the breakup when your self-confidence is boosted and you’re not sitting in a pity party of your own making.

Contributors: Rosalind Sedacca from Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living

Written by Ben Skute

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  1. Everything starts with self-esteem. Without it you can’t expect to attract healthy, worthwhile partners into your life. Do the inner work first!

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