Pulp – Different Class (1/6)

Released in October 1995 in the UK and ranked no. 6 in ‘NME’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time’, Different Class was the soundtrack that propelled Pulp to the next level of stardom. Featuring much more than just the well-known hits of ‘Disco-2000’ and ‘Common People’, Different Class is absolutely ripe with clever lyrics and musical writing that marks out a fresh and energized distinction from the heavier sounds of Blur and Oasis that were around at the same time.

With Jarvis Cocker at his very, very best, his confidence and unapologetic take on writing music comes out in full brilliant force here. The sexual undertones and ‘out there’ characters he employs in the album make for such a socially dissatisfied sound that this album alone did more to revitalize a society than the entire decade of other Britpop artists.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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