Prince Harming Syndrome (15/25)

Unfortunately, there are far too many sociopaths, narcissists and emotionally unavailable men out there who are breaking hearts and making women question their minds and lovability. 

Prince Harming Syndrome explains why women might have a psychological vulnerability for dating these heartbreakers – and offers a range of tools to vet better in dating – and heal and move on from Heartbreakers. 

Prince Harming Syndrome mixes the latest psychological research on relationships with the philosophy of Aristotle! 

The book was loved & recommended on Oprah’s site. In fact, Prince Harming Syndrome was loved so much by the people at Oprah, I was asked to write a relationship column on! 

Note from the author: The book was loved & recommended on Oprah’s site – and I’m now offering the book for FREE on my site because I want to help as many women as possible! Get the book here.

Contributor: Karen Salmansohn 

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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