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Use what you have as efficiently as possible. Small closets, cabinets, and storage rooms can usually be doubled in functionality if planned and organized properly. Most closets come with a very inefficient use of the space—a hanging rod and one shelf. Just by looking, you can see plenty of wasted space. For instance, take one closet with a hanging rod and shelf divide the closet in half with a panel. On one side of the panel, divide it with two hanging rods and on the other side, floor to ceiling shelving. Viola, almost doubled! You can find many modular closet systems that can help make this trick easy.

Small spaces can create an added degree of difficulty when it comes to staying organized. When designing around a leaner footprint you’ll want to consider how to use your space more efficiently. Even with small footprints, you still generally have a reasonable degree of vertical space. This is great for storing items that don’t need to be moved as often. You can also use space along walls or closets to hang more frequently used items like brooms, cleaning products and vacuum cleaners.

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Company: Modular Closets

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