Offer Freedom And Choice (8/10)

Everyone loves freedom, no one likes to be told what to do. From babies to school-age children, parents find that it’s much easier to get them to listen if you offer them a choice and give them the sense of freedom to choose. For example, when it comes to snacking options, instead of saying “no, you can’t have chips”, it’s always better to use positive language and offer a choice like “would you rather have yogurt or apple?”

The same concept when it comes to sleep, always offer them a choice. You could say something like “Would you like to sleep now or read a story first then sleep?” or “Would you like to play for another 10 minutes before we go to bed?” Yes, the child, especially an older one, might still refuse to go to bed; however, by giving them the sense of freedom, they feel less “pressured” and “forced”.

Contributor: Carey Chan from

Written by James Metcalfe

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