Nipyata (7/9)

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What better way to celebrate being of age than with the original booze pinata a Nipyata It’s the ultimate fun-times starter pack filled with your choice of mini alcohol bottles (we call them nips), candy chasers and Nipyata fortunes guaranteed to bring your next party to life. Nipyatas come in a variety of designs and are fully customizable for any celebration.

All you have to do is choose a Nipyata the ‘Stay Classy Burrito’ is the brand’s flagship but each shape can hold between 10 and 50 nips. After that, you pick your poison, by choosing from Nipyata’s wide selection of spirits. Finally, you’re able to personalize your Nipyata with custom fortunes, which adorn each and every nip packed into your Nipyata!

Contributors: Lauren Guidry from PR Revolution

Written by Ben Skute

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