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9 Awesome Gifts For 21 Year Old Boys

As the 21-year-old who wrote/gathered together the contributors to this article, I would love to receive every one of the items on this list.

(This list assumes they don’t want a mountain bike)

Each of the gifts on this list is suggested by Fupping contributors.

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#1 Craft Beer Subscription

beer subscription would be perfect for a 21-year-old man.

From the company: We offer 3, 6, and 12-beer release subscriptions, as well as ongoing subscriptions. We use the term beer release instead of month because perfecting/fermenting beers can take a while and they generally do not come out on a monthly schedule. All beers included in the subscription are beers submitted through our crowdsourced monthly vote.

Contributors: The MobCraft Team from MobCraft Beer

#2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartwatch

This gift would be both practical and stylish. I exercise a lot so having this watch would mean having a way to track all my activity. On the other hand, I am also very active online and the watch would mean I could receive all my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and text without taking out my phone. Finally, the watch would mean an ever-changeable collection of cool watch faces to show off! The S3 looks a lot better than most other smartwatches. Teens all like trendy tech too.

Contributors: Welton Wang from What If?

#3 Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Black Ceramic Smartwatch

Back in black, this Tag Heuer Modular 45 is part of the Connected collection. The black titanium case with a black ceramic bezel will frame the face of your smartwatch beautifully while a black titanium bracelet secures the piece to your wrist. Twenty-five hours of battery life powers the 4GB of storage and 512MB of on-board memory, as well as the intuitive interface and notification app. It's also water resistant to 50m. Whether the 21-year-old guy in your life loves style, adventure, or tech gadgets, this watch is sure to please!

Contributors: J.R. Dunn

#4 Level 7 Jeans

Looking for the perfect gift for that 21-year-old male? Why not up their fashion game? Give the gift of Level 7 Jeans: premium designer jeans at a reasonable price point. You can go ahead and check style, comfort and fit off of your checklist because Level 7 has it all. Our premium denim line is comfortable so he can work, play and relax all day. Every man deserves a pair of GREAT jeans that will last.

Contributors: Jacky Huang from Level 7

#5 Cocktail Supply – Bitters

Bitters of the Month subscription is a GoTo gift for newly legal friends and children as each month's box comes with recipe cards, suggested pairings and a bit of lagniappe, too. It's a great way to learn how to make classic cocktails and stock a bar over time with interesting, unique and more sophisticated than your average 21-year-old cocktail supplies.

Contributors: Christa Cotton from New Orleans Beverage Group, LLC

#6 Zaca Recovery Chewables

Zaca Recovery Chewables encourage you to go ahead, enjoy a few cocktails, extensive travel, or a particularly rigorous pre-party workout, without paying the price later! This all-natural supplement ($20.99), blends herbs, antioxidants, and electrolytes to accelerate recovery! The premium formula utilizes proven ingredients to help stave off fatigue, foggy head, and nausea that can follow a night of indulgence.

Contributors: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecs Brand

#7 Nipyata

What better way to celebrate being of age than with the original booze pinata a Nipyata It’s the ultimate fun-times starter pack filled with your choice of mini alcohol bottles (we call them nips), candy chasers and Nipyata fortunes guaranteed to bring your next party to life. Nipyatas come in a variety of designs and are fully customizable for any celebration.

All you have to do is choose a Nipyata the ‘Stay Classy Burrito’ is the brand’s flagship but each shape can hold between 10 and 50 nips. After that, you pick your poison, by choosing from Nipyata’s wide selection of spirits. Finally, you’re able to personalize your Nipyata with custom fortunes, which adorn each and every nip packed into your Nipyata!

Contributors: Lauren Guidry from PR Revolution

#9 Kicker Bullfrog Speakers

The Bullfrog BF100 is the go-to speaker for on-the-go, all-terrain fun! It is completely waterproof and floatable — he can take it in the ocean, on a kayak, or underneath a waterfall. Thanks to the IP67 rating, it’s fully protected from rain, snow, dust and dirt and it can float and can also be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

The BF100’s compact design and lightweight build makes it perfect for throwing in a backpack for a day hike or including in a carry-on for traveling. It has a battery life of 12 hours and also includes hands-free speakerphone capabilities. Approx. 2 pounds and the size of a water bottle.

The Kicker Bullfrog speakers are made for sharing and truly enhance any summertime adventure, bringing friends and family together in the great outdoors with music and a good time.

Contributors: Melissa Archer from Groundswell PR

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