Nerdy Undies Made From Crazy Comfy, Sustainable Bamboo (23/32)

Imagine a fabric softer than cashmere, more moisture absorbent and durable than cotton, and more breathable than linen. Now imagine underwear made from such a fabric, tested on hundreds of bodies to perfect the fit and is available in fun patterns to inspire your inner nerd.

Prepare your body for the most moxy-inspiring, zen-inducing underwear you will ever know!

Anti-Oder, Pro-Fresh

Moxy and Zen underwear is made with bamboo viscose, a fabric so soft and breathable, your cotton underwear will feel like plastic bags with leg holes after wearing our undies.

Bamboo viscose is so efficient at circulating air that it will keep your nether regions a degree or two cooler than wearing any other type of fabric.

It’s also extremely moisture absorbent. It wicks moisture away from your skin before odor-causing bacteria has a chance to wreak havoc.

Super breathable underwear that efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin means that even after a long day in the office or traveling, Moxy & Zen undies will leave you feeling fresh, making them perfect for workaholics, travelers, hikers, or binge gamers.

Ending Soon! Back them now to lock-in Kickstarter pricing!

Written by Moxy & Zen

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