MYCHI | Worlds Most Effective Headache & Tension Relief Device (52/57)

MYCHI | Worlds Most Effective Headache & Tension Relief Device

The MyChi will be available in July on the Website. Stay tuned in. Here is the link -

Suffering from Headaches and Neck Tension?Do you need a way to release them ?Introducing MyChi – A highly effective device created to ease headaches and stress in just couple of minutes.

49% of adults suffer from tension headaches almost on a daily bases. MyChi releases tension, improves focus and lifts mood.

MyChi is a portable, adjustable, self administered massage and tension release unit. It focuses on two of the main meridians along below the scull. Applying pressure to these meridians with MyChi, releases the tension immediately, increases the flow of oxygen and life force energy.

The Pressure Points that MyChi is Focused on have been used for Thousands of Years.

By using MyChi, you will enjoy deep states of relaxation and feel the symptoms melt away in just moments.

Its highly effective and feels AMAZING to use!!

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